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lighter life?

has anyone done this - or know anyone who has done this - and then kept the weight off afterwards?

If so, do you/ they now eat 'normally' or does it lead to a life of calorie counting yo-yoing?

I know it works getting the weight off but its the 'for ever after' bit that bothers me



  • My mum lost 8 stone on it but as soon as she stopped she found it really difficult to adapt back to real food and she put on 4 stone. She's still less than she was, but think most of that's down to the worry about all the money my dad spent on it and she's feeling pressure not to have wasted it all.
  • ceriukceriuk Posts: 196
    Am currently doing the cambridge diet which is fairly similar, it's good for quick weight loss but as with all diets it's more about what you do after that makes a difference. There is a thread on here about cambridge and lighterlife

    C x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    3 years ago I lost just under 8 stone ( in 5 months! image ) - kept it off.

    It was hard work to begin with, and has not been easy to revert to my old ways but I am still trim and happy!

    Any questions, just email me!
  • Hi

    I had a friend that did that diet and she put all the wight back on - I think its good for a quick fix but can be hard to maintain the weight afterwards as it messes u your metabolism. The best way is to lose 1-2lb a week to ensure it stays off.

  • Is lighter life the meal replacements that end up with you eating just 800calories a day?

    If so, I had the chance to promote this in my beauty clinic and chose not to. I found the company very pushy and unwilling to address my concerns over the health implications of such a low calorie eating regime.

    Balanced diets are a much better idea, especially if you're going to be on them for a while. Lots of the well known diets (GI, Atkins, etc) can be adapted to be balanced ang fit a normal life.

    Hope this helps, Sarah
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    Weightwatchers or similar type of diet clubs are really good as they advocate 1-2lbs a week and a healthy balanced diet with exercise are the best for long term solutions to weight problems. Anything else requires you to dramatically change your eating habits to something which is unsustainable in the long term and which also severely messes up your metabolism. Something else I have found useful is a proper hypnotherapist who deals with the underlying causes of why you overeat and your lack of motivation regarding exercise. You still have to put the effort in but it's worth it in the end.

    Soon to be missus - how did you lose your weight? That's a wonderful achievement! I'm trying to lose 2 stone by the big day - and have managed half a stone so far. I'm not doing anything faddy just cutting down on the amount i eat and trying to eat the right things. Also trying to up the amount of exercise i do too. I'm averaging 1-2lbs a week so it's a good steady pace.
  • My h2b is doing 'go lower' started last Tue got on scales yesterday has already lost 7pounds. Its reall food & he says it tastes brilliant. He did try lighterlife last yr he says to tell you tastes so so bad makes you feel sick also makes yr breath awful! He did loose a stone but think that was it made him fel so sick it all went back on with a couple of months. The go lower he feels is just telling him what to eat for a month so working shifts as well will make him to temped to pick...
  • I have several friends who've done Lighter Life, a couple of them I'm not in touch with anymore but last time I saw them they'd lost our 5 stone each and were keeping it off whilst on the LL management plan.

    Of the ones I still see, two are still in the management phase and doing well. Three have kept the weight off over a year later and two have put some, but not all, of the weight back on.

    The three successful ones eat normally. But normal for a thin person - smaller portions, grilled or steamed meat rather than fried, more vegetables, not an entire loaf of bread in a day (not that I do that...much) etc.

    Bizarrely, the two who calorie counted are the two who put the weight back on. Part of the idea of doing a VLCD is to re-educate yourself about food and to get over the 'obsession' as it were so I guess calorie counting is just allowing yourself to get hooked back in.
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    Hi, I did the LL diet this year and lost 5 stone it is truely life changing. However the councilling you go through can mess with your head, I completly threw myself into it and find myself panicing about putting the weight back on. Luckily I have only out a bit back on which i have managed to shift with weight watchers diet. Good luck
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