August 2009 weight loss buddies desperately needed


Im getting married 29th August 2009 and have loads of weight to loose, i sooo want to look nice in my dress, so have decided drastic action needs to be taken, i have as much willpower as a chocolate fire guard has a use lol

anybody out there want to join me ????


  • I would love to join you. Im getting married 22nd Aug 09 xx
  • hi wedding-bliss, thanks for joining me, you are getting married on the date i originally wanted but the venue were fully booked on that day so we went for the week after instead.

    Have you started dieting allready ?? i keep trying but i am all set to start tomorrow got all my lunch for work sorted.I have ordered my dress and it arrives Feb time and there is no way on this planet im gonna look like a heffa in it with back fat spilling over the corset :lol

    How much do you want to loose or what dress size do you want to be on your wedding day ??? sorry for all the questions, i have my heart set on a size 12. image
  • I'm getting married on August 8th 2009. I've got 5 stone to lose and am on the Cambridge diet at the moment which is going well so far.

    Good luck both of you, we can do this!
  • hi Quasi-hayley, good luck with the weight loss, i have heard of the cambridge diet but what is it exactly what do you do and what can you eat and not eat, i have done the atkins which in all fairness does work if you stick to it but sticking to it is the hard part, i have loads of weight to loose if im honest ideally 9st (im 19 stone and would like to be 10st) as i looked good when i was 10st many moons ago image
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    Hi Mrs Jarvis,

    I'm a similar weight to you and ant to lose weight for my wedding on the 15th August.....

    However we both need to be realistic, at most its 34 weeks until the end of August and that would mean losing almost 4lbs EVERY week from now until the wedding!

    I would like to lose, 9 stone (I'm 20 stone now), I'm planning on losing 4 stone before the wedding which is a more achieveable 1.6 lbs a week..... any more ans I'll be thrilled!

    I dont say this to be mean but if you aim to lose 9stone its likely early on that you wont manage to lose 3.7lbs a week and get disheartened... and then possibly not lose any.

    I want to lose 4 by this August and another 5 by my first aniversary. I've joined slimming world and have lost 1stone 9 thus far. So if I manage to lose another 4 stone, which I think is achievabe, I'll be 16 stone on my wedding day which will be a lot better than the 22stone I was when I started!

    Good luck with the dieting, remember you r husband loves you the way you are!

    Sharon x

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  • hi sharon

    i dont think your being mean at all just realistic lol, i know (unfortunately:cryimage that i wont be 9st for my wedding its just my dream lol, i will be happy if my size 16 dress (which i get in feb and cant wait) fits me niceley with no back fat spilling over the edge hehe, i tried a size 18 on in the shop and it fitted (Just) so im pretty confident i will fit into the size 16 by August and if by miracle i made it to a 14 i would be even happier imageimage

    like you said if im 4 stone lighter for the wedding im going to look waaaay better than i do no at 19 stone.

    well done on your weight loss its brilliant it will help spur me on talking to people and telling each other how much we have lost

    keep up the good work

  • Hi Ladies

    Words of encouragement from me as I have been on Slimming World since the end of Feb and have now lost 3 stone. I get wed on Aug 1st and want to loose another 2 stone. I bought my dress on Sat past and its a 14 (more a high street 12) im delighted and seeing it was £100 instead of 1K im even more delighted, (was the shop sample of a now discontinued design).

    You do need to be realistic else you are setting yourself up for a fall. Aim for upto 7lb a month which is achievable and would mean about a 4.5 stone loss? roughly.

    I wish you all well on your weight loss and no matter how much or little you loose your H2b will love you all the same xx
  • Hi astreet2b well done on your weight loss its brilliant, i started at slimming world but gave up (lack of willpower) im much more determined now though. im back at slimming world on Monday night.
  • can i join the aug club?! im getting married on 7th august and started cambridge diet 5 weeks ago, lost 26lb so far, but need to lose another 3 stone, started on the sol source with cambridge which replaces all ur meals, but have moved up a couple of steps and now am having a 400kcal meal for dinner and salads and a proper breakfast, so will see how it goes, wanted 2 stone off before i get measured for my dress this month so have just about achieved that, when i tried on the sample dress it was a 22 and was slightly 2 small around the waist(altho had a baby in july so still trying to get rid of mummy tummy too!) hoping dress will be ordered in 18 or 20 but would love to be a comfortable 16 by wedding xx
  • hi im getting married the 22nd of august and already started dieting so far ive lost 1st 7lbs and want to lose a lot more. im dreading christmas though as have loads of family parties to go to and a lot of temptations to resist.
  • Hi ladies!

    The Cambridge Diet programme I've done for this first week was 1000 calories/day. I had one of their shakes for breakfast plus either 150cal of fruit (which, as it turns out, is more than I can eat) or a soft-boiled egg with a little bit of wholemeal toast. For lunch I had a shake (and you can have lettuce leaves but...ick). Then for dinner I had a small meal - my favourite was 175g chicken, 40g wholemeal pasta and some broccoli and other green veg. You also need to drink at least 2.5 litres of water.

    And after a week of that I've lost 7lbs!

    This week I'm doing complete meal replacement where you just have the shakes (3 or 4 each day). I'm two days into it and have been fine all day but the evenings are quite difficult. After about 3 days though your body goes into ketosis which should make me feel less hungry. *fingers crossed*

    Good luck with your diets, I'm sure you can all acheive whatever you set your minds to if you really want it!
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    hi ladies

    im getting married 8th aug 09, ive lost 16.5 lbs on weight watchers but still got another 2.5 stone to go. its great there are other ladies out there, we can all support each other, no matter what im sure we will all be stunning on our wedding day xx
  • Ooo, yay, a wedding date twin! Well done on your weight loss Lolly, good luck with the rest image

    And I hope we get nice weather on our wedding day to show off our new figures image
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    Hi I would love to join you. Im getting married on the 30th August. Have managed to loose my first stone and would ideally like to loose another 3. Havent picked a dress yet going to look in Jan so I need to be good over xmas ! Great to know there are lots of us in the same boat xx
  • Brilliant, im getting married on the 29th August! And thrilled to have a diet buddy with the same target date.

    Count me in ladies.
  • Weigh in night tonight and i lost 3lbs wohoooooo.

    Thats me back to my lightest after putting on 3 last week.

    Got a works night out on Fri but am still hoping to do well enough to loose another 2lbs.

    23lbs to target and weight loss so far is 3 stone 1 pound
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    Hi just wondering how everyones getting on. I lost 3lbs this week ! Finding it hard now as all the little xmas treats keep tempting me.
  • Hey ladies!

    I've been on the cambridge diet for 3 weeks and have now lost 1 stone! I'm delighted image

    Hoping to lose a bit more before Christmas really kicks off and then I plan on just maintaining the weight loss till new year rather than trying to lose any more.

    How's everyone else doing?
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    hi ladies

    MInd if i join you, wedding date booked 14th August 2009 and need to loose 2 stone and having trouble shifting it.
  • Hi redsonya, welcome to the gang!

    How are you working on losing it?

    H x
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    HI quasi-hayley

    going to my first SW meeting next week and started dooing the Charlie Brook DVD which seems ok so hopefully that shold start to move the weight.

    How are you doing with your weight lose? x
  • Really well so far thanks. Only another 3 and a bit stone to lose!

    I did SW many years ago, let us know how you get on with it.
  • Quoted:
    I'm getting married on August 8th 2009. I've got 5 stone to lose and am on the Cambridge diet at the moment which is going well so far.

    Good luck both of you, we can do this!

    Hi i'm new on here. I'm also getting married on 8th August 2009 and I've would like to lose 2 stone but would be happy to lose at least 1 stone so that I'm back to the size i was when i met my hubby to be,

    What's the cambridge diet?

    Good luck everyone! ;\)
  • hey.

    I'm getting married on 15th aug. been a ww over a year and lost 2 and a hlaf stone. Have a stone to go but finding the last stone the hardest (especailly at this time of year). Hopefully can get motivated and maybe keep in touch with you gys to keep me on track?

  • Can I join in, Im getting married 8th August and me, my 2 bridesmaids and my mum are all on diets for the big day.
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    ooh sounds like 8th August going to be a popular day for weddings!

    I was going to start SW tuesday but am i being stupid as christmas is just round the corner. If im just careful and exercise until the new year would that be ok then join SW in January at least that way i give myself a easier start?!
  • Quoted:
    ooh sounds like 8th August going to be a popular day for weddings!

    I was going to start SW tuesday but am i being stupid as christmas is just round the corner. If im just careful and exercise until the new year would that be ok then join SW in January at least that way i give myself a easier start?!

    The way i look at its is when you start the diet you want to do it 100%. If you start now you are kind of setting yourself up for temptation over xmas and it wouldn't be realistic to expect to lose anything until after xmas.

    Enjoy your xmas, don't over indulge on the bad food but have a little bit of what you fancy an know that in the new year you can start a fresh diet and really go for it.

    How much do you want to lose by the way?

  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    I know what you mean Christmas is hard enough as it is without trying to be on a diet and i could probably drink all my calories in one day!

    I have about 2 stone to lose really but anything will be a bonus.

    How are you going to lose weight?
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