pregnancy weight loss


If you're been sensible while pregnant then most of the weight gained will be baby and water.

Has he actually booked anything yet or just set the date? Can you talk him round to changing the date to give you both time to sit back and enjoy your new baby without the added pressure of wedding plans?

Are you planning on breast feeding baby! Just something else to consider whilst in your wedding dress on your big day.

I'm sure whatever you decide you will look gorgeous on the day.

My daughter turned 1 on Boxing Day and I'm still trying to lose weight. Wedding in 8 weeks time. I did eat like a pig however when i was pregnant so at least you haven't got that to worry about.



  • Hiya - it is more than possible. I've got an 11 week old and I have managed to shift nearly all of the weight I put on (nearly 4 stone!!!!!). Breastfeeding definitely helps as for the first month or so your milk comes from your fat stores so it just eats away at it. After that I have just been doing light weights and lots and lots of sit ups.

    I managed to squeeze into my size 10 jeans about 2 weeks ago and went and got my dress just over a week ago.

    If you're sensible while your pregnant and make sure you eat properly and drink plenty of water afterwards you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Another good thing to try is pre-natal yoga - it really does help as you use a lot of muscles without knowing it.

    Think positive and set yourself reachable goals and you'll be fine.

    I'm sure you'll be a very yummy mummy when you walk down the aisle ;\)

    Claire x
  • mildred81mildred81 Posts: 784
    Of course it's possible, the extra weight you are carrying isn't fat you will have put down fat supplies around your hips and thighs to prepare your body for pregnancy and labour, you carry all the fluid, the placenta not to mention all the extra blood your body is pumping around. apparently the healthy weight to gain is 2-2.5 stone above that and you will probably have gained a little extra weight as well but not masses. Don't worry about your weight as long as you are eating healthily and not exccessivly you will be fine. and then you still have 4 months after the baby for your body to get back to normal

    I don't have any babies yet but my sisters have had loads so i have some knowledge.
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