4 wks tomorrow and here is how I did... before and after

Started dieting a year ago and have gone from this:-

To this:-

4 stone altogether. Can you believe I am still not 100% happy! Am 5ft 3 and now 9st 11. So am going to tone up as much as I can in the next 4 weeks so I feel really good on the day.

Fingers crossed I will look good!


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  • Oh my god - you don't look like the same person!

  • Extra one that didn't show on above post

  • SarinaukSarinauk Posts: 175
    you look great. image
  • Mummy83Mummy83 Posts: 493
    you look fab!!!!!!

    enjoy your day!!!

  • JJ1176JJ1176 Posts: 45
    you look amaing, well done and enjoy your day

  • WOW!!!! You look amazing - well done you for dieting for a whole year - that's dedication!

    I'm 'being good' at the moment, and success stories like yours really inspire and encourage me to keep going as I know if I do it will all be worth it in the end. You must be thrilled to bits!!

  • cp781cp781 Posts: 166
    Can you share your secret?! You look amazing. Congratulations. I bet ur h2b is v.proud of you x
  • How did you do it? you look fab! well done!xx
  • I joined weight watchers for a couple of months at the end of last year and lost the first stone. Fell of the wagon but managed to maintain that weight for a couple more months. Then I joined weigh loss resources (which is just a calorie counting website with food diary and forum) as I was struggling to get to ww meetings with 2 young kids and their online thing was more expensive. After a month of being on that diet (and sticking to it) I started exercising about 5-6 evenings a week doing aerobics DVDs for an hour a night (Davina Power of 3, Ministry of Sound Pump it Up). By July I was down to 10st 7. I have lost the rest slowly over the last 5 months but haven't been trying as hard so am going for gold in these last 4 weeks so I feel really good on the day (she made my dress very tight on the waist so I can afford to lose it without the dress becoming too big). The exercise made the biggest difference as everything toned up and my cellulite even disappeared. I think you have to really set your mind to it and just make yourself exercise (I actually found I enjoyed it and it stopped me feeling so hungry). I knew I wanted to look good in my wedding dress and that was the biggest incentive for me.

    Good luck all!

  • wowwwwwwww well done!!!
  • You look absolutely fantastic! You must be so proud of yourself! I actually muttered "wow" to myself as I saw your before and after piccies. Well done!!
  • You look amazing.Well done.i think you have inspired a lot of ladies on here that want to loose weight.I know im feeling down about my weight at the mo and seeing your pics has lifted my spirits.Thank u.Have a wonderfull day and post some pics of the day xx
  • absolutley fantastic! Well done you!! you look great!

  • Fab babe, i hope i can do the same but not sure that i have the dedication!!
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    That is crazy well done you. You must be so proud what a difference x
  • you look absolutely fantastic. you deserve a big pat on the back, well done x
  • carlyr25carlyr25 Posts: 170
    Wow you look fab what an insperation ! x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Well done you look fab! I agree excercise works wonders if you really stick to it. You are going to make a beautiful bride x
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    Congratulations hun u look amazing!! Wel done, i wish i could do it....again....xxx
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    Wow what an achievement!!! Well done, you look fab.x
  • WOW!!!!!! Well done! You look like a total different person. it's crazy how losing weight can make you look so different. You really are an inspiration to fellow dieting folk! xx
  • Well done hun - you look amazing! You have given me a kick up the a*se!! x
  • You look fantastic!! Well done for being proactive it has really paid off!!
  • excellent, well done, you must be so proud of yourself
  • Wow you look amazing - I dont think you need to lose anymore - you must be so pleased with yourself and you will look stunning on your day!

  • Thanks ladies! It is funny I should be more proud of myself than I am but as you lose the weight you forget you were that big and what that felt like! If you said to me a year ago that I would be 9st 10 and still want to lose more I would have laughed but my hips and thighs are still a size 14 so I will keep going until I am a 12. Annoyingly I seem to have chosen a dress that makes me look slightly bigger than I am too (lots of ruching of the top half which I was told was slimming!). Anyway it may just be bad angles on the pics I have so far but not much I can do now!

    Anyway I always found it so inspirational to see before and after pics of people who had lost weight so hope I can inspire some of you (and inspire myself to finish it off!). Good luck ladies!

  • Bloody hell - you look great! such an ispiration - think i may be adding m.o.s & davina to my xmas list x well done xx
  • Thanks for posting your photos to give us inspiration - you look amazing!! x
  • well done nikki whats the secret did you just eat good and gym or did you go weight watchers or something?
  • Just wanted to say well done on your weight loss, you have done so well and look fantastic x
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