My bridesmaids dont fit in their dresses anymore :(

My two younger sisters no longer fit in their bridesmaids dresses. We brought them eariler this year for my wedding in August but they tried them on a few weeks ago and they dont fit. I think we all felt abit like crying and it has really knocked their confidence.

Ive put on a bit round my tummy, so we have all vowed to loose weight in the new year (my mum included, as she also no longer fits in her outfit bloody christmas!!)

Ive suggested we all go to legs bums and tums which they are all really excited about, but they have real trouble with their diet.

One of my sisters in particular refuses to walk anywhere and can eat a huge family bar of chocolate to herself in a evening!

My mum has asked me to come up with some meal ideas which are quick and easy to make and that they will all like

My youngest sister is abit strange when it comes to food, she wont eat any meat apart from sausages and burgers (but wont eat beef mince, - go figure) and dosnt like salad, the caterer is even making her a toad in the hole while everyone else is having chicken at the wedding.

Any ideas for a quick easy low fat meal and snack ideas would be amazing

Thanks ladies

It would be lovley to keep you all updated on how we're doing???


  • Hi

    Atleast you all have each other for moral support.

    There will be loads of support in January, with most of the country looking to lose weight. Legs, bums and tums sounds like a good idea as they are good fun classes.

    Have you tried water aerobics too? Its good as you do not feel the impact as the water takes most of it.

    I used weight watchers before and lost 8 stone, so would recommend that but can be expensive.

    Good luck ... keep us updated
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    Hiya.what age are your sisters?

  • Snap - I'm in the same boat with my sister who is a BM. Trying not to stress about it until the New Year!!
  • They are 16 and 18. Im glad im not the only one betty, Same here though, I couldn't be mean enough to suggest a diet over christmas!!
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    I joined Tescodiets and lost 2.5 stones and went from a Size 12 - 14 to a Size 8 - 10.

    They have loads of food choices on there. They'll be spoilt for choice. Dedication is the key. I just imagine myself walking down the aisle in a Size 8 wedding dress and that stops me from going anywhere near chocolate image Good luck!
  • weight watchers is a brilliant idea - on weight watchers you can eat whatever you like as long as you stick to your points. when my mum did it a couple of months back we went to the pictures and she used her whole days allowance on chocolate, and then had ww no-point soup for her dinner and at the end of the week had STILL lost 3lbs!!!! if you all go together you will also be in gentle competition with each other and no one is going to want to be the only one out of the 4 of you who doesnt lose any weight so this might motivate them even more! good luck, and do keep us updated!
  • i suggest slimming world, I didn't join i just got hold of a friends book and went by there, I lost have a stone by sticking to it then I went away in October and put it back on! Damn it! I will be starting again from the 1st Jan, would like to drop a couple of dress sizes and will be signed up for the gym but end of Jan!
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