Ok, I have been on my weight loss plan for three and a half weeks and I have lost 9 pounds - yay! However my clothes are already too big. Even my beautiful new coat that I got for my birthday :\( Now, even though this is all brilliant I can get by for a few weeks with my belt getting tighter (already had to add two new holes) what shall I do after this? With a wedding coming up money obviously is very tight and I can't afford to replace my clothes down a size every time I need to so anybody got any bright ideas?


  • Im the same Loobyvee, been doing slimming world for a month now, lost 1st 5lbs and most of my clothes are getting too big! I had to tighten my belt by 4 holes the other day! While this is a lovely feeling and shows my hard work is paying off, im sick of looking like a scruff in baggy clothes!

    Any one with any ideas or suggestions, id love to hear too.
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    I would wear a belt on trousers. Maybe buy some cheap clothes in the meantime. I'm a total clothes shopping addict so i replaced them slowly. The hardest thing was trousers as you can't possibly wear them too big. My colleague commented that my trousers were way to big. I'm a size 8 - 10 but was wearing Size 12 trousers. I would say buy new clothes when you reach target weight and have maintained for a while. I didn't give my old Size 12 - 14 clothes away until I had maintained my weight for at least 6 months...
  • mmmm... what would be great is if there could be a system where slimmers pass on their clothes as they lose weight. like a handmedown system.

    it can be so expensive buying new clothes, especially with all the other demands on our money! but, fortunately for me, i already have a wardrobe of clothes i want to "slim into" waiting for me upstairs...
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