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Personal Trainers?

Who has one at the gym?

I have been seeing Dominik for about a year now and he is great. I would have given up so many times if it wasn't for him and while I haven't lost that much lately I think I would be back up at over 15 stone now if I wasn't seeing him.

He got me on a wedding fitness plan now. Focusing on arms, back and shoulders as my dress is strapless and low at the back so I want to look toned and lovely!

Also working on general fitness and weight.

So - it's 40 weeks to our wedding and if I lose half a pound a week I will be under 12 stone when I get married - I'm 5 feet 6 so would still be over weight but I know I look good at any weight begining with 11 stone image



  • I have.... he is evil but I love him for it as I have no willpower! He knows how I want to look by July and he seems blummin determined I get there!
  • laura697laura697 Posts: 313
    Tee hee - yes - me and other half call our trainer Evil Dom. He is nicest bloke until the session starts and then he turns into a slave driver!

    Guess that is why we pay them so much!!!

  • Hi there all,

    Yeah got a personal trainer she kills me every week image

    Have gone down a dress size in 5 weeks but not actually loosing the weight on the scales.

    Are you all dieting as well? I'm doing WW.

    Not sure whether to knock that on the head and try something else for the build up?????

    Only 8 weeks and counting.

  • You lot are beginning to convince me to get one!! Used to enjoy the gym but had to give it up due to cost etc. now more settled H2B and i have joined our local gym but it isnt as nice and i just dont enjoy going now (got to go tonight). Though a PT would get me into it again. I had lost some weight but a little crept back on over xmas although still better than orginally!! Shall i sign up for PT???
  • Go for it, it's fantastic, I've never worked so hard in my life but the results are fantastic. Dropping a dress size in 5 weeks because of toning up, thought that was excellent. Doing WW as well so you've also obviously got to watch your food intake.

    Go for it. xx
  • I would definately give it a go... although I am doing weight watchers too and it's not coming off that quick but I am losing inches so it must be all the muscle I have now!!
  • Definitely worth looking into. I was going to the gym religiously for ages thinking I was being really good and when I started with my PT I realised that I wasn't working out effectively at all. It is well worth the money and doesn't take long before you start noticing the changes to your body. I have lost a stone since I started and am so much more toned than I was.
  • Hi guys,

    Can I be REALLY nosy and ask how much it costs for a personal trainer? I'm wondering if its worth it (for me), because where I go is a sports college and the students are really good at encouraging you and giving you tips of how to maximise your workout, for free! Despite this, I do wonder if I'm targetting the right areas?


    Corinna x
  • Ooops, double post!

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  • laura697laura697 Posts: 313

    I pay £30 a session to see Dom.

    I would agree with other comments - I thought I was working out well but once I started with him I realised that I didn't really work out efficiently. Tonight I spent an hour doing lots of boxing work with him and also some core stability work. Am shattered now but really enjoyed it image

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    Do you mind if I ask how often you have these PTs? I am getting married in July and although I'm following WW, I know getting a PT is the only way I'm going to get the toned body I want 'cos I don't have the willpower to go to the gym regularly and work out as hard as they make you. I don't mind spending a bit of money, but I don't have a fortune to spend as we are emigrating to Oz next year and every penny counts.
  • laura697laura697 Posts: 313
    I have my sessions once a week but it only works if you go on your own as well in between.

  • Does any one have a personal trainer visit them in their own home? I've been seeing one in the gym for the last 4 months and he's great but it's £35 an hour. I've just met another one who is £20 an hour and trains you in your own home. This sounds much better on the pocket, but I'm worried I won't get the same work out as I do in the gym. What do you think?
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    Hello all

    Just thought i'd poke my nose in here as I AM A PERSONAL TRAINER! well to be fair i have been for the last 12 years but gave up working and running my gym in May to move to be with H2B in California, (he got promotion - California or Heathrow - tough choice!)

    So i wanted to help all you B2B - i get married in Jan 08 so been using this site for help and dont mind at all helping anyone wanting advice.

    All i can say is that PT's are worth it but you need to find the one with the right personality for you. Most women tend to work better with a male unless they are really concious and just to warn you the best attribute of a PT is Sadism - those of you that already have one will know this already!

    the going rate is usually 25 - 45 pounds depending where you live.. if your having a PT at home make sure they have insurance - not saying anything will go wrong but it will show they are professional.. I would also go on Personal recommendation - chat to other women in the changing room. I have managed 2 gyms and employed and interviewed countless - some are good of paper but have the personality of a donut - and i tell you spending an hour with someone like thi and trying to take them at their every word to help you get in shape is unmotivating..

    ok im waffling - ask me anything you like and i will try and be quick with the posts.. it will help revive my brain cells.

    I quite often coach my old clients via MSN - one said to me the other day (and my best friend trains him now) thats its not the same without me and i only need to type a few words and it straigtens him out.. (he's driving my wedding car for me) - I do it because seeing results is amazing and im passionate about helping someone.. its a hrad balance but if you find a trainer that you feel like they are clock watching through the session and just about the money - ditch them

    waffle waffle waffle

    i hope this makes sense
    Hey Running Bird

    Thanks for helping us out like this!

    I've not got the money for a personal trainer but i'd really like to know, in 40 minutes, what would be the best daily work out for me in order to basically tone up my arms, shoulders and back so I look good on the wedding day. At the moment I warm up on the bike and the runner 5 minutes each then some stretches and then I do some abs and arm weights. I use dumbells and the arm weight machines and do sets of 15 reps x 2. That's about all I can fit in as i then do another 5 mins on the running machine to warm down.

    Am I doing anything right/wrong?

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hi ALX

    What your doing sounds good so far with the limited time you have, Is it possible you could buy a couple of dumbells for home (cheap ones at say 6lb or 4KG) You could then do upperbody exercises as well at home.. Anyway that may not be an option so:

    Does your gym have a cross trainer where the arms move? -- change from the bike to this if so as that will get your back warmed up and starting to tone

    You don't say whether you need to lose weight and im guessing toning is just your goal so maybe stay on the crosstrainer for 10 mins.

    Then a quick stretch - not too necessary to do at the moment - then set up a circuit of exercises, in a gym this is easier with dumbells because of machine hoggers, so then do say 6 different exercises all with 20 reps one after the other - NO REST for example,

    Bicep curls x 20, Lateral Raise (shoulders) x 20 Tricep Kickback x 20 Dumbell Row (back) x 20 Chest press x 20, Shoulder Press x 20

    50 Abs - different combos

    Hop on the runner - 5 mins at a good pace

    repeat the circuit again only 15 reps this time

    Abs again

    Runner 5 mins again

    circuit for a third time only 10 reps if time.

    Abs (if no time do these at home)



    Ive just re-read that you go daily so you could do that workout on alternate days to another that involves the machines

    2 x 12 a bit heavier - dont be afraid of building bulky muscle - its impossible for a woman unless easting too much protein and taking steriods image

    Machines to use would be Pec Deck (boob lift)

    Upper back Row (backs of shoulders and upperback)

    Chest Press to keep balance and the arm machines.

    If any of the machines ive suggested you cant find ask the instructer which is the equivelent.

    You might want to add some pressups in as well - not only good for the chest and arms, your stomach gets a workout also.

    I hope this helps a bit. The hardest area for a woman to tone up is the back of the arm (tricep)

    if your not sure of exercises ask the instructor to show you how to do a tricepkickback, french press, cable pulldown.. They may grunbt and moan but that is what they are paid for and why you pay gym membership imageimage

    S x
    thank you so much, yes there is a cross trainer and I have some small weights at home so can put them to use as well. Desperate to get that tricep toned really, it's the only bit of my arm i really dont like. especially looking at it from the side.

    yes they do grunt and moan and it's actually really hard to find anyone on the gym floor that will help - they all seem to be trainers with clients! i'll ask them to show me what all those things were you suggested. I do have a bit of weight to lose - I'm a size 10 to 12, 5 foot 4 and I'm 10 stone 4 and would like to be 9 and a half stone but really, in all honesty, I'd rather look firm and toned than lose weight because whenever I work out I end up appearing heavier than i am cos of building muscle. I'm quite athletic , well i was until about 18rs, so there's a good core strength still there - but I hate cardio and hate running so prefer weights really.

    I'll work myself a little circuit from what you've shown me and perhaps have a couple of cardio days per week where i just do the cross trainer/bike/rower for a bit of variation. Otherwise I think my arms will fall off!!!!

    thanks again xxx
    PS if you need any music advice or anything else, never hesitate to ask!!!
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Thanks Alx

    The rower sounds a perfect idea as well - try changing grip to underhand (wrists facing you) a bit it will target the arms a bit differently.

    Good luck and keep me posted with your progress

    I will probably be back about the music image


  • Hi runningbird

    I get married 5 weeks on saturday and desperately want to tone up and lose at least 7lb, 10lbs ideally.

    Is this possible. If so what would you recommend. A friend told me to use the x-trainer and rowing machine. Would you agree?
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hi d81,

    Your friend is correct as they are the best machines in the gym for all round workout and tone, can you managed 40 minutes at least 3 times a week if not more!.

    Also unfortunatly weight loss is going to come more from your food intake - a 40 minute seesion on those machines will burn roughly 350 - 400 cals depending on your weight, if you can drop another 500 calories from your daily diet also but don't go under 1400 you should manage the weight loss easily.

    Let me know how tall you are and current weight, age etc

  • Thanks Runningbird

    Im 5ft 6 and weigh 10st 6. I could manage 40mins at least 3 times a week no probs.

    I try to eat really well. My problem is I tend to panic when it comes to food and have weeks when I'm really good and have about 800-1200 calories a day then I have a day where I may have a biscuit and then think I've blown everything so really stupidly eat crap for the rest of the day/week.
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    well i know how you feel,

    800 - 1200 is probably a little bit too low calorie wise, im 5 ft 7 and about 10st 6 also and my daily recommended calories would be roughly 2000 to maintain how i am. I would say for the next 5 weeks why don't you stick to your 1200 a day and chose a 300 calorie treat to have each day - that way you have no reason to cheat and you feel pretty satisfied.

    Also if you eat really well you will know what snacks you could get away with - maybe even get some weightwatchers icecream - just something to stop a binge.. only 35 days and you will look awesome
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    some of you might want to try this webpage

    be really honest about your activity level.

    the result it gives you is the daily calorie need to stay at the weight you are. If you drop this number by 500 cals per day then you will lose 1lb per week roughly. (1lb of fat = 3500 cals)

    if you drop too low say under 1000 a day your body will go into starvation mode and will store the fat for survival - plus you wont maintain for long and probably binge (bodys survival mechinism again)

    Some of you may work it out and think - wow thats more calories than i have been eating - trust me if you eat these calories from a healthy low fat maybe even low carb diet you will look great

    hope it helps


    oh and without wanting to sound rude - larger women need more calories as you need more energy to move around healthily (god i hope that didnt sound bad)
  • joanne1818joanne1818 Posts: 295
    hi runningbird - have recently signed up with PT = to get fit and look good on wedding day in June 08.

    I have done weight watchers in the past to loose weight rather than fitness, which means my fitness levels are 0. Enjoying the PT so far - and now know how to exercise in my heartburning zones. My one question, am just not sure on the foods i should be eating. PT is telling me all the foods WW used to say no to and i find it a bit confusing. what is the best diet to have when working out 4-5 times a week?

    My PT says the WW way isn't going to give me enough to burn... any advice would be v useful.

    thank you.

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hey jojo

    well it depends on what foods you choose really. Most WW food recommendations are for convinience from what i can remember. Your PT may follow the old school rule of eating complex carbs (pasta,rice,porridge) - this my come from their own background and sport they do.

    I truely believe that if you research your points a little (sorry not sure if thats how they still do it) you can get a good balance of food, maybe porridge for breakfast, big salad plus protein for lunch and protein and loads of veggies for dinner. then make up snacks for before your sessions for extra energy - ie Bananas - yoghurts etc.

    Its been a while since i really looked into WW as years ago they never really recommended a balanced approach just don't go over your points, so i knew a few girls that would eat chocolate and nothing else all day.

    Your PT should be able to work out for you from your age,height,current

    weight and body fat how many calories you should be having to lose the necessary. Apply this result to WW then if you find this the best way to stay under control and you can't go wrong.

    You do need a certain amount of the right food for energy but if you have some body fat to lose that is your energy store


    i hope this helps a little
  • joanne1818joanne1818 Posts: 295
    Hi Runningbird - thanks for the info, that's really helpful.

    I think WW has changed a bit as you say - you can either choose to count points or be on the zero-count plan which allows you to eat any food from a given list - which suits me.

    My PT has said to eat under 1400 cals to loose weight but i guess i am just not used to this - do i literally look at the calories in food and add those together (sorry if thats a stupid question!). I am just a bit confused as she's suggested i add things like nuts, avocados, bread and various other bits and pieces to my diet - when with WW they suggest ommitting these. I have plenty of body fat to lose (30% body fat apparently). My diet is ok during the week and with WW i can control it - its just the weekends - going out for food and alcohol. The PT has basically told me to cut it out - completely if i want to get fit - but surely you can have a social life and be / get fit at the same time?

  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Hey JoJo

    Personal trainers are mean arn't they image

    1400 calories sounds good but the problem your having is that your PT is recommending foods that they call 'good fats' which without getting scientific on you can help shed the bad fat. the only problem with this is that they carry a higher calorie count so yes you do literally have to look at the calories and add them all up each day. By adding these foods means that you will use up your calories quicker (if that makes sense). I tend to not agree with bread, whatever they make it with these days it causes bloating and hard to digest, i would cut it out.

    30% body fat is not bad, i would say 90% of the women i used to see at my gym were that or over (its the way we live today) - the text books will tell your PT that you should be under 25% to be healthy.

    So what i suggest is that you stick to 1400 cals from your zero list. buy a notebook and right down everything you eat along with the calories, you will then soon see whats higher in cals.

    As for the alcohol, your PT saying just cut it out is probably because you have gone to her saying 'im getting married in 5 weeks' - if you did cut it out it would help on the calorie front but also your liver has two jobs here, to clear the toxic alcohol from your system and to clear fat from your body. It will always do the alcohol process first. So no alcohol - it will work on the fat.

    But yes you can be fit and still have a drink - I do, but idmittedly the fitter you are the quicker you get drunk (so i'm a cheap date)

    hope that makes sense.


  • joanne1818joanne1818 Posts: 295
    thank you so much for your words of wisdom - all starting to make sense now! going to find a notebook and making a note of everything i eat. Zero WW food plus a few bits of good fats sounds good!

    After this weekend - no more alcohol for the next couple of months! My social diary dies down a bit so hopefully will not be a huge prob!

    I'm not getting married until June 08 - so have a little while.

    Glad to hear 30% bodyfat isn't hugely bad as PT has made me feel it is.

    I am actually really motivated by it all - and really wanting to get fit - never having been a particularly sporty type. About to go to my session tonight.

    thank you once again runningbird - hugely helpful. Will let you know how get on!
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