First session with personal trainer!

Crikey. I had my first personal training session this evening and have been found wanting. Despite the fact that I have been attending a gym regularly (not often, mind you, but regularly) for approximately 5 years I have to admit to going into it with an attitude of 'how bad can this be'? Answer: very. Things are serious, oh yes indeed. Shamefully high body fat percentage, shamefully capability in performing lunges either a) more than 15 times in a row or b) without falling over. Things started off dodgy when the trainer measured my heart rate and found it high. 'Drink a lot of coffee do you?' he said knowingly. Nope. It was merely 'extremely elevated' as a result of my 5-minute 'warm-up' on the stepper. I am mightily embarrassed, mainly by how few pressups I can do - yes, even the girls' kind - and a percentage of body fat that I cannot bring myself to record here. But I'm staying positive as at least I'm doing the best thing, right? Signing up for frequent, tough workout sessions. And I'm going to have no choice but to follow his advice because otherwise I'm wasting money I don't have. Is anyone else going down the personal trainer route and how effective is it proving? Sorry for the rambly post, my h2b is out boozing (the lucky article) I'm exhausted and just wanted to share!



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    First of all well done you!! It's amazing how many people sit at home thinking about doing some exercise but don't. I think although it may be a bit of a shock at least you know where you are starting from and in a couple of week you will be able to see the difference.

    I am currently on a mission to get fit rather than loosing weight but its amazing how I had convinced myself that because I wasn't over-weight I would be quite fit!! Not at all, the personal trainer was lovely but it is embarassing when you feel like you can't do something. Totally agree about even girly press ups I can do about 5 before collapsing on the floor.

    Good luck in your future sessions, it may not get easier (as soon as it does they make you do more image) but keep it up xx

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    Hi QueenJune

    I was umming and ahhing about whether to get a personal trainer. H2B has just got back from the gym and he has spoken to our bodypump instruction and gave me her number. I think I am going to book a session in once or twice a month now until the wedding in July. Like you I go to the gym but am still dreading it as I know they push you very hard.

    Can I ask what sort of stuff they made you do?

  • Provided you have a good trainer and your put 100% into training (outside your PT session) and eat a healthy diet, is is absolutley worth the money. Not only will the push you more then you ever would push yourself, they provide you with the skills and knowlege so that when you stop with them you can carry on. I lost 10kg and toned up with a PT last year. I felt amazing!
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    hey guys, just wanted to add to this post as i am a Personal Trainer!!

    firstly just wanted to say well done for getting a PT in the first place. yes you will have to put in alot of hard work both in an out of the gym but if you do thi properly it will become a total lifestlye change. I have been come great friend with many of my clients as a few pour their hearts out whilst in the gym!! i wish you all the luck in the world!!x
  • Hiya Girls!

    I had a personal trainer last year and used to have approx. 2 sessions a week - I've never felt or looked as good!!!

    I found it embarrassing how unfit I was, but I found that my whole approach to exercise was really wrong!! Within only a few weeks I saw huge differences - I no longer saw a bulge under my tights!!!!! My PT is a man so he didn't really appreciate it when I shared my excitement about that!

    I gave up on the sessions because I'm trying my hardest to save for the wedding, and couldn't justify spending money on a PT again, but I've booked my first session back for Wed morning and really looking forward to it!! As soon as I stopped seeing him I gained weight and lost my focus in the gym. I book early morning sessions before work so it's a good way to make sure I get out of bed!!!

    I'm going to see him for a half hour twice a week, and he's going to put a plan together for me for the times I visit the gym without him. I'm using him more for guidance and motivation - but he's also become a friend who used to ask me girl advice!!

    My aim is to lose a stone in 11 weeks for my first dress fitting and then to maintain that weight until September. I'm under no illusions that it'll be hard. I'm finding it so hard to get motivated at the moment, but I know how good I'll feel once I get back in the swing.

    Shall we all keep in touch and share our experiences?? I'd really benefit from some motivation from you guys too if that's OK?

    Gem xx
  • Hello girls, sorry I lost this thread and the last time I checked it there were no replies so have been away for a while! (I'm so dense with computers I've only just realised you can click on 'my other posts' - handy eh!!

    Penel, the regime I'm on at the moment is 4 session in the gym per week (which is tough at the moment as I've had loads of busy evenings and also several colds in the last few weeks! I know, excuses) and during each one I've got to run or do the cross-trainer for 40 minutes at a higher intensity than I was previously working at, so I'm really tired by the end. Then there's a floor workout of squats, press-ups, sit-ups, back extensions and lunges (lunges the worst for me!). These are supposed to take 20 minutes but they usually take me a bit longer as I need to rest between them and you aren't meant to! I've had 3 sessions with the trainer so far and I'm seeing him once a week and then working out by myself 3 times also. I do think it's worth it so far. I haven't seen a huge difference in my body yet but I can tell my heart's a bit fitter already as I'm not puffing after the cardio til quite far along into the sessions. So I hope it's doing me good. But the last bit of advice my trainer gave me was to give up alcohol for a month as he said this will kind of maximise my workouts. No doubt this is true but although I said I would I accidently had a g&t at my friend's birthday night out at the weekend, oops image
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