THE 2009 NEW YOU CHALLENGE - closed next weeks up x

Week 5

I would like to say to anyone coming in and having a peek feel free to join us just add a post and I will add you. We are a group of ladies that get behind each other and give each other that extra support. We weigh in every Monday x So come and join us x

I am really tired so not going to rigth much guys x Had a really lovely valentines day now been engaged for two years x Was nice to think next year I will be opening up a card saying wife on it hopefully x

Welome back to Booty glad you had such a lovely wedding and honeymoon image

Booty 33......

Wedding Date.....MARRIED:\)




NEXT BRIDE 2B is........


Mrs Davidson2b...

Wedding date....4th APRIL 2009 @ 11.30 AM


Wedding date....11th APRIL 2009 @ 2.30 PM 9st 9lbs /


Wedding Date.....19th JUNE 2009 9st2lbs /


Wedding date.....11th JULY 2009 10st 7lbs / - 1.5 lbs:\)


Wedding Date......11th JULY 2009 8st 4.5lbs / -0.5lbs:\)


Wedding Date... 18th JULY 2009


Wedding Date......18th JULY 2009


Wedding Date.... 25th JULY 2009 9 st 13lbs /


Wedding Date....27th JULY 2009 11st 8lbs /


Wedding Date...8th AUGUST 2009


Wedding Date.... 14th AUGUST 2009


Wedding Date......15th AUGUST 2009


Wedding date....22nd AUGUST 2009 @ 2.00 PM 11st 3lbs / -2lbs:\)


Wedding Date....28th AUGUST 2009


Wedding Date....29th AUGUST 2009 11st 4lbs


Wedding Date.....8th OCTOBER 2009


Wedding Date.....10th October 2009

Laura crew........

Wedding Date......January 2010 14st 13lbs


Wedding Date... 8th MAY 2010 11st 4lbs /


Wedding Date.....2010


Wedding Date......11 SEPTEMBER 2010 16st 2lbs/ -3lbs:\)


Wedding Date.....2nd NOVEMBER 2010


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  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Morning Ladies,

    Hope you all had a good weekend. I went along to my weigh-in on sat and surpise surprise I lost one and half pounds. Yay !!!!! At last, its working again, I was in shock as I didn't expect that, had expected scales to remain the same again. So dont know weather it is because I had that extra point a day, or if its just a case that the pill has finally settled and my body is back fighting that fat!!! Was very very pleased and its has left me feeling very motivated this week.

    Me x

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Well Done Mehikel I lost 2lbs this week so pleased with myself x x x x
  • Morning

    Hope everyone had a good weekend

    Well done on the losses mehikel and RL.

    I lost 0.5lbs this week


  • truraintrurain Posts: 198
    hi all can i join i'm doin slim fast as diets have never worked for me so i wanted to do something that took the worry of food away plus i have no will power lol. Ok i'm getting married 11 sept 2010 and i weigh 16st 2lb which means i lost 3lb last week image but i'm only 5ft 6 so i have another 6.5 stone to go hehe best of luck everyone image
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Welcome trurain will pop you on our list we weigh in every Monday and chat throughout the week x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Well done on the losses this week ladies brill news x x x x x I have added you trurain x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    all done littlemonkey x
  • Hi, can i join too please, I have at least 10lbs to lose before may! I am absolutely hopeless at diets, i get bored and end up giving up!
  • Thank you RL image


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  • Hi Ladies

    Have lost 8lb in total since I joined but I can't take all the credit because I haven't been feeling to well over the last couple of days so have had no appetite- which means I can't go to the gym today (secretly quite happy about this!)

    Well done to you all. x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Welcome of course you can lau-lau x

    Well doneblondy123 x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    what is your wedding date lau-lau?

  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Morning Ladies,

    Well done ladies on the losses, ts very encouraging and welcome to the new ladies to our thread. x

    RL have you ordered that dress yet? I am gonna start looking for underwear and shoes in the next few weeks as they said my dress will be here in March so better get that bit sorted hey!! Have booked up all my hair appt's for the wedding including some trials and the first one is in May, gonna try it curled and an up-do and see what I like best. Hair is getting longer now, people have said recently how long its getting, must have grown all of a sudden.

    Did my davina last nite and was cutting out bits for the evening invites, about half way there. I will pop pics up when I get a spare hour!!!

    Have a good day ladies.

    Me x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    mehikel I am ordering my dress on Thrursday. Mum is coming up today and we are going shopping for BM's tomorrow in Southampton and then me on Thursday and for table decorations etc. Feeling a bit stressed about having my Mum in tow but I am sure it won't be as bad as I think it will be. I hope not anyway!!!!!

    I am going to look for shoes on Wednesday. I have booked my hair too well to have it coloured etc. I always do it last minute and then end up not been able to get an appoinment when I want one so I have booked up early! I am having mine half up and half down with slight curls in it. My friend who is a hairdresser is doing mine so she is going to come round for a girly night soon and we will do it then. Mine is growing long too have been growing it since my h2b proposed!

    It is all weddings weddings weddings for us heh.

    Well done on the davina I am going to try to go for a run today four miles x

    Def show us pics I have to sort out the childrens invites now as I am doing seperate ones for them another thing I am stressing about.

    Have a good day ladies x
  • Morning all...

    Welcome all newbies image

    RL... so exciting about ordering dress. Are you going to order the size smaller? Let us know how you get on tomorrow. Have you seen any BM dresses you like yet?

    Well done on the weight loss girlies... everyone has done really well this week image I will weigh tomorrow... I really hope for a loss although I did have a bad weekend... fingers crossed!

    I have my hen weekend this weekend... am so excited!! Off to Dublin, I can't wait. image So I am trying to be extra good this week as I plan to completely ditch the diet over the weekend.

    Hope you are all having a good week,

  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Hello to the newbies and everyone else. Well done on all your losses. I stayed the same this week which works out about right. I did loads of exercise but overindulged for valentines.

    My PT session was a killer and my stomach muscles are still aching 4 days later. It was also really good in that the way she pushes me I am sure I will have slim legs by the honeymoon.

    Speak later

    Penel XX
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have not decided what size yet MrsDavidson2b I really don't know what to do on that one. I saw some BM dresses I like but my neice is size 18 and they only went upto size 16 so am having to rethink. Hopefully find something tomorrow they need to go with burnt orange as that is what h2b wants for his suit as below link.

    How excinting about your hen weekend me and h2b were talking about his today he is having four!!! as he has four sets of friends and would rather see them seperatly me I am having a really quiet one booooooo You are allowed to ditch the diet for the weekend sounds like you have an ace time planned!!!

    Penal good sign about the aching muscles x Slim legs that is what I want image x

    Just for a run now so see you guys later have a good day x
  • oooh I like that suit... I like the colour it is really nice!

    4 WEEKENDS!!!! He will be a busy man!!! What is the plan for your quiet one? You will have a fantastic time!

    Hope you have a good run babe!

    Penel your PT session sounds like it is doing the trick image How many times are you going? Once a week? xxx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Yeah he looked so lovely in it just got to get BM dresses that go with it now though which is proving challenging.

    The plan for my quiet one is to go to London and catch a show.

    I ended up running 7 miles again regretting it now as I am rushing around getting ready for my Mum arriving at 4ish and felt dizzy which is why I sat down on here lol

    Right back to it x Got to go shopping yet whoops I might be running late!!!
  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    RL I also like the suits, our men are having tailcoats, yet to decide on what pattern waistcoat but it will be ivory and with claret ruches. Go carefull on the running, dont wanna do yourself an injury, hark at me, sound like your mum !!! but you gotta be carefull. Enjoy your next couple days, its very exciting.

    I have given my mum some jobs to do today, go and get passport name change forms and find out if we have to ask permission where we want our photos taken, Think she is enjoying having stuff to do, and thats in between helping me put together the invites. ha ha.

    Have been today whilst at work, ssshhhhhh!!! working out times for the big day. Our wedding is at 3pm and its gonna be very tight. Its about time the vicar got in touch cos he said he would call and see us in the new year, well its certainly that now, may give him a call after the weekend.

    Penel, your sessions sound grouling love, but just think of that six pack you gonna have. x

    MrsD your hen do sounds fab always wanted to go to ireland, what plans do you have whilst you are there and possibly sober!!! I go to see Mama Mia on 20th June - 16 of us, minibus and tickets all booked, we are gonna come back to norfolk same day but plan on hitting the pubs when we do arrive and lots more girlies coming out to meet me then, so should be good.

    So exciting all this talk of things to do and planing, its great. We are all gonna be sooo bored after, lol x

    Me x
  • booty33ukbooty33uk Posts: 3,051
    dieting going really good lost 2lbs since coming back last tuesday, had no chocolate in 3 weeks, want to lose as much as i can as we are now trying for a baby
  • ceryslouceryslou Posts: 144
    Hello I'd like to join the club please!! Need to lose about a stone for 15 August 2009. I weigh 8st 10, but I am very short so am quite curvy. Weight is mostly on my belly and thighs. Just eaten pizza tonight as I was feeling crap :O(

    Look forward to speaking to you guys x
  • miss-mukmiss-muk Posts: 239
    Uh Oh!.....

    See that wagon over there? I fell off that yesterday in a big way! Had a horrible rubbish crappy day at work and decided that not only would I not go to the gym (naughty), I would sit and watch videos ( including High School Musical 3- yeah!) and eat Tiramisu! Very naughty!

    But you'll be pleased to know that this is day 6 without chocolate! So I guess I have one toe still on the wagon. Maybe. Hmmmmm...... Will promise to resume good behaviour immediately.

    Kat x
  • I am sorry Miss-m I know it is not funny but the way you said about the wagon... it mad eme chuckle!! Even though you fell off it... you didn't fall off completely with resisting the chocolate!

    Welcome ceryslou! I am short with you so I know that any weight gain shows even more! Come and join us!

    I have lost 3 pounds... whoop whoop! I am 3 pounds away from my target now, which I think is completely do able in 6 weeks. I know I am going to have a weekend of indulgence with my hen weekend this weekend but hoping the damage will be limited. I really would like to lose the last 3 pounds before my dress arrives in the shop which will be at the beginning of march so fingers crossed!

    My veil is being sent down to me today as I have a dress rehersal with hair next wednesday... am so excited!! It is all becoming very real image

    Have fun in southampton RL.

  • figgyuk1figgyuk1 Posts: 135
    Monring girlies,

    Welcome ceryslou, like MrsD I too am another shortie, but they say nice things come in small packages!!!! Your weight loss is very do-able. Join in. x

    MrsD, well done on the 3 pounds, not far to go now, hope you have a lovley hen weekend, come back and tell us all about it next week. What is your veil like, I haven't even tried one on yet during the times I went dress shopping. I feel very excited for you, now its all coming together. x

    Was writing poems to go along with our invites, last nite, didn't realise what time was so was very late going to bed and now feel totally nackered today. Oh well, exercised yesterday which was hard going after walking home from work. So rest today me thinks.

    Me x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    My Mum said that yesterday lol mehikel!!!

    What shoes are you ladies having? Really stuck on this as I want something I can wear again really.

    Mehikel we are going to be bored lol image
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    well done booty like the new name lol x

    Welcome ceryslou will put you on later just off out to buy my wedding dress!!!!!

    In the naughty corner miss-m x

    Well done on the loss mrsdavidson2b x

    Right I am off be back later maybe just so busy with Mum here at the moment x
  • sjm224sjm224 Posts: 644
    Welcome back Mrs Booty.... so how fabulous was it?

    I've been partying -people leaving the country and getting older -all once a lifetime/year events -there just seem to be so many of them!

    I've lost another 0.5lb so now -2 stone 4.5lbs.

    Would like to lose at least 2lbs this week (under the next stone bracket) or 2.5lbs and get my 2.5 stone award!

    So have been doing loads of walking and cycling, now about to head off to the gym to get an exercise plan sorted for me. Hope evryone has a fabulous week.

    Sharon x

  • hi girls, no weight loss for me this week - I can't be surprised though, i pigged out on food and wine last weekend.

    have been strictly back on it this week though, and went circuit training tonight - oh my god, thought i was fit but i have just found out otherwise, it killed me! gave me the boost i needed though and i'll try to go back next week... xxx
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    MrsD2B I would love to go training every week but the finances say I can only go once a fortnight. The plan is to still go to the gym the other week but practice what she made me do the previous week. Well done on your weight loss and for being so close to your target. XX

    Wow Rach 7 miles is amazing. No wonder you are doing so well with your weight loss. You can't have that much more to loose can you? Oooh did you get your dress yet. I know I have probably seen it before but do you have a picture or link I can have a nose at again. I love seeing everyones dresses. (especially seen I put my pictures up)

    Well done booty and goodluck with the baby making. They say loosing weight really helps with the chances of conceiving.

    Hi ceryslou, I carry the weight round my legs too. Crap for a bikini but fine for an A-line dress. Keep up the no chocolate Kat although you will have to find a substitute for that tiramisu. (says me who ate a whisper bar last week).

    Sharon it sounds like you are doing everything right. My PT says I have to do lots of different types of exercise otherwise my body will plateau and I will not change shape. Well done you.

    I went to bodypump last night and ate a salmon salad for my dinner. I have been really good so far this week it is just the weekends that are my downfall. As my wedding approaches though I am starting to panic a bit though (hence the PT sessions) so hopefully won't feel the need to eat crap.

    Well done everyone on your losses and maintains. Hopefully I will advise of a loss by Monday. X

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