Who's with me Mon 16th Feb group......(having tec probs)

Hiya all......

for some reason the filters at my work computer have been messed around with and i am having problems getting onto our group!! image Plus i don't have the internet at home. Nooooooo......get all ready to start the diet and my bloody computer won't let me get onto talk to my motivation buddies.....someones telling me to stay fat. lol.

It is by a miracle that i have managed to post this ..... i have tried about 10 computers in the building.

Anyhow, just wanted to say good luck,....My start weight today is 12stone 3.2lbs and i am going to be good!

Sorry if i can't get on to talk to you but if anyone gets bored or wants to chat feel free to e-mail me (i can access my e-mails)

Heres to a slim group of brides in our gorgeous dresses!!

Jo. x


  • hiya, Hope some of the girls off the other thread have noticed i have posted here! I'm really p'd off that i can't get to post onthe other thread. No idea why.

    Anywho heres how yesterday went....

    Breakfast:- Slimfast Shake

    Lunch:- Tin of WW Mexican Bean Soup

    Snack:- Cereal Bar

    Dinner:- Jacket Potato.

    Drinks:- Tea and Coffee with skimmed milk

    Roll on Day two, i am home alone tonight so going to get the exercise DVD out. Today has started well, I have had Poached egg and one slice of toast for breakfast and a coffee.

    Jo. x

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    Hi Jo, wondered what had happened!!!

    Ive added everyones names to a list so we can all see whos who then each week we can add how we have done next to it.

    What is happening when you try and post on the thread? it keeps saying error for me, but when i press the back button, it has posted it for me, so just keep doing that!

    So, are you doing slimfast? noticed you had mentioned that before, im too doing slimfast, so hopefully, fingers crossed it will shift some bloody weight!!!

    EJay x
  • Yey,

    Someone found me!! Whoop. lol

    I can't get on the other thread even with pressing the back button etc, basically because my work has all secure computers and you aren't really supposed to go onto "social networking sites" it just blocks me out for the day and i can't get onto anything! Argh. Nightmare, and i haven't got the internet at work.

    Anywho....the list is a good idea, can get a good picture of how everyone is doing! I can still see the updates that everyone puts on cos they come through on my e-mail so it is helping with the motivation but its a bit bad that i can't reply. image

    I started monday and was 12stone 3 when i started (less than i thought it was)! Yey. I'm kind oif half doing slimfast, just using it for 1 meal a day and then being healthy.

    Yesterday was ok.....I had...

    Breakfast, egg and one slice of toast.

    Lunch...Slimfast shake

    Snack...Dairylea dunker (81 calories)

    Dinner...Healthy ready meal (205 cal) and veg.

    Drinks Coffee and Tea with skimmed milk.

    I am really hoping to get a stone off for April this year when i start trying on dresses.

    Jo. x
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    Hi Jo, im going to copy and post your thread into the original thread, so all the girlies can read it!! x
  • hiya Ejay,

    thanks for that, so kind! I am going to have to stick posting on this other thread cos i still can't get on to the original one but never mind.

    Had a good day again today:-

    Breakfast:- Slim Fast

    Snack:- Grapes

    Lunch:- Homemade Leek and potatoe soup - low cal/low fat.

    Dinner:- Chicken Stir Fry, lots of veg!! Weight watchers yogurt.

    Drinks: Loads of water (been pee'ing lots! lol) Tea and coffee.

    Looking forward to getting weighed on monday pretty sure it must be working!

    Jo. x
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    Well done you!! Good day!!!! looking forward to Mon too!! x
  • Hiya,

    Well last night didn't go as well as i had hope.....H2Bs fault, he's supposed to be helping!! Argh.

    Firstly he offered me a beer....or a cider....or a vodka and tonic, but i managed to resist that.

    Then he got the HUGE tub of chocolates out left from christmas, Celebrations, heros, quality street etc. I was ok for about the first half hour then i caved but i only had 4, about 20 less than i probably would of usually had!

    THEN....he got a big bag of Twiglets out while we were watching a movie, there was a 1/3 of the bag gone already but i probably had a bout 13 of what was left. Never mind, could have been worse.

    At work today and have my breakfast and lunch with me....slimfast, 2 snacks (yogurt and an apple). H2B wants sausage and mash for dinner so i am going to have quorn sausages and jacket instead........lets see how today goes.

    Jo. x
  • Hiya,

    Yesterday was good, stuck to my limit for dinner last night, quorn saus and potato. I did have a small bit of ice cream for desert tho but i am sure that won't matter too much as i have been so good in the day.

    Today...so far...

    Started the day with MOS Pump it work out

    Breakfast, Slimfast




    Drinks....diet coke and squash.

    For dinner i have with me, at work, a tuna light lunch and ryvita with philly and some specail k bite things (all under the 600cal limit.)

    I also have a cereal bar for a snack if i get hungry later cos i am at work until 10.

    Starting to feel better on the diet now too, not as hungry as i was the first few days. Yey, can only get easier.

    Jo. xx

  • Things are just going from bad to worse on this computer. Now i am not even getting e-mail the responses to the thread that i originally started! So i am going to have to go it alone! image

    Anywho tonight is the last time i will get on before my weigh in so just wanted to tell everyone good luck. I have had another good day....

    Bfast - Slimfast

    Snack - apple

    Lunch - Forgot to eat it!

    Snack - Frapes

    Dinner - Soup, ryvitas and a ww yogurt

    Snack - apple.

    Fingers crossed for monday!!

    Jo. x

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    Hi jo, just so you know after a while the emails stop getting sent to you, i dont recieve them any more

    EJay x
  • Back on this thread again.....bloody work computer, lol.

    anywho yesterday was a good day again..

    B - Slimfast Bar

    L - Soup

    Dinner - Beef with mushrooms, home made low cal chips, veg (under 600Kcal)

    Snack - Weight watchers choc mousse.

    Drink - Coffee and Diet Coke.

  • hi ladies.... i found you again!! duno wat happened but im not gettin email reponses anymore!! grrrr......

    Anyway... re the diet, i have been soo bad lately iv had an indian and a pizza but am back to being good now that its lent (no excuses)

    i have been drinking 2ltrs of water every day (can make you put on upto 7lbs over the first month) but it does work, skin looks better and am feeling much better, also helps fill me up so no snacking required....

    B- cheerios (110cals)

    L- small prawn salad (300cals)

    S- salt & vinager snack a jacks

    D- cajun chicket count on us fettacine (370cals)

    S- weight watchers choc mousse

    No coffee or tea!!


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    Hi hodgeysdorris, just so you know this isnt the thread, JoNc was having problems with getting on her computer.

    you havent updated us on the thread with how you did last week, if you take a look ive added eveyones result for week 1, the guys in red are who are joined the group this week.

    EJay x
  • hiya,

    I am so please to say that i am actually starting to "feel" like i am losing weight now! Yey.

    It helps as well that someone at work is doing the slimfast diet so i get to chat to her about it seen as i can't get onto the thread i started to talk to anyone on there!!!! imageimage

    Yesterdays menu goes like this....

    B - Fruit

    L - Strawb Slimfast

    Dinner - Chicken pitta kebabs with salad, veg and rice (yes all under 600kcal! - my own recipie)

    Desert - WW choc mousse

    Snack - Breadsticks and low cal dip

    Drinks - diet pepsi and coffee and water.

    Looking forward to another successful weighin on monday....fingers crossed.

    How is anyone who reads this coping?

    Jo. xx
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