Good Morning all, here is week 19's thread. We have the following people who have joined us so far:

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Helen In Spain (05/09/2009)

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moogirl (18/12/2010)

Mrs CF to be (02/05/2009)

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RedRuffles (24/10/2009)



vicki2323 (15/05/2009)


Zara_Lou (11/07/2009)

Please can you remember to post your weigh in details so that I can do the comparisions.


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  • Hi Girls,

    Michelle - My wedding is 28/08/2009 didn't even realize that it was down incorrectly lol.

    Zara - How your having your hair is lovely hun really nice, I will have my hair trial in a few weeks when I am over in England so will takes pics and post when I get back. Also can you change my wedding date as its 28/08/2009 - thanks.

    Ok so weighed in this morning and was the bloody same 9-stone 3Ibs - cant seem to shift these last few pounds, I have changed body shape and lost inches off my waist so H2B thinks it muscle, still annoying though as had made such an effort to cut dinner portion sizes! Maybe it was the Valentine dinner that made me not lose any, cant see me hitting my feb target as thats only next week!!!

    Ok here is my food diary for yesterday:

    B - Corn-flakes made with ss milk

    L - 2 slices brown bread toast with low fat cheese spread on top & packet skips

    D - Low fate burger in a small soft brown roll with a few chips

    S - 1 Rice cake with small spread jam, 1 BGY low fat chocolate rice crispy bar thing. 1 chewy sweet.

    Drinks - 1x coffee, 5x tea (made with drop ss milk and sweetener) 1 large glass juice, 200-ml water (really didn't do well on the water thing yesterday)

    Exercise - 15 mins on the cross trainer.

    Hope you all have a good day

  • zara_louzara_lou Posts: 599
    C: I just hope my hair can look as good as the models once its done. I dont have my first hair trial until May, but when I do, I will post pictures.

    I weighed in yesterday at 66.9kg (10st 7lb) but hopefully I will start to see more of the inch lose next week.

  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    Afternoon ladies, weighed in at 10 9 so another pound down, happy days, paid off not having dessert on sat.


    B: ravioli

    L: chickpea and coriander soup

    D: beef in aubergine suce with wholegrain rice and veg.

    S: handful of fruit and fibre

    D: 3 black coffees, 1 highlights hot choc, 1 glass fanta zero.
  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    Hey Girls!

    Cant seem to find thread for week 18 to catch up on what has been going on - its disappeared! so cant see everyone's attire!

    Zara - i weighed myself this morning and am 10 stone 9 - so a 1lb but not too bothered as had a right food fest over the last 3 weeks. am also surprised that Ive also lost some inches?! got my mate at work to measure me too, just in case i was doing it wrong but anyway:

    Waist: 30 inches

    Thigh: 19 1/2 inches

    Hips: 36 and 1/2

    Bust: 36 and 1/2

    Arms: 12 inches

    so if you woundlt mind updating your comparissions for me Zara, thank you!

    Carly, to stay stable is good! perhaps its because your body is happy? but like you say try cutting down on portion sizes, but that is so hard to do. did you decide on anything about the shoes?

    Me and h2b had fantastic weekend in the Lakes, walked up Blen Cathra mountain which was covered in snow on the top, so that certainly gave my thighs and bum a good workout. We ate lots of great food, which wasnt healthy! oh well valentines smalentines!

    Also sorted my venue styling for the reception and my florist! and did our first church session for this year!

    Right for Monday: (was still in holiday mode)

    B: None

    L: KFC twister meal!

    D: Homemade wedges with 2x slices of bread ( no food in the house)!

    Drinks: 5x green tea. 2x cups of tea, 1x skinny cappocino, 1x peppermint

    Exercise: None - like i say holiday mode!

    Did have the intentions of doing my davina last night but was called out and didnt get home until 3 am this morning and have just landed at work!

    everyone have a great day and happy eating!

  • zara_louzara_lou Posts: 599
    Gemma: Here is a link to the old thread for you: http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/chatroom/topic/171161

    I am trying to cut my portion sizes down now as well as I seem to have platoed in relation to the weight loss. Also need to do davina at least once this week!

    Just been to Gymophobic and done my 30 minutes toning workout and now eating a very healthy Tuna, Lettuce and cucumber sandwich on wholemeal (no butter and low calorie mayo!)

  • Morning girls,

    Well I was 11st 8.5lbs this morning so lost 0.5lbs. Feeling that everything is just slowing down incredible. I have a week to lose 1.5lbs which should be do-able but I am already accepting that I won't met my Feb target - is that totally defeatist or what?! I have not been exercising as no peace in the house with these visitors (h2b's dad is lovely but i think i was all just too much at once - practically 6 weeks in a row - and i could have done with a real break in between. Plus work is stressing me out just now and I just want peace to chat to h2b and i'm not getting it!!). Oh well. Rest of the year we are on our own basically so I really shouldn't complain.

    Zara I like the idea you have for your hair. I was thinking along similar lines (in terms of half up half down) but hadn't seen actual styles yet. I want hair up as I tend to touch it a lot and it could look greasy by the end of the night or just a bit scruffy..but no-one had really seen my long hair (use to have it short and sure most people forget i was growing it before i left UK)..plus it will be freezing in winter in Scotland so thinking I could do with the extra warmth around my neck!! Your style is gorgeous though - might be nicking that pic in due course image

    Carly - if i were you i'd forget about your last 3lbs. I know that might be hard as you obviously had a goal of 9st in mind but i think your body is relaxing into a healthy weight that it feels comfy maintaining (bodies are odd)...plus you have been changing shape and losing inches and lets face it no one knows what you weight only what your shape is. Obviously if you want to keep trying do but just give yourself a looong goal time and you'll get there eventually. I can't wait to be in your position - you've done fab.

    Vicki - congrats on losing 1lb image

    Gemma - your lakes weekend sounds great. Shame you came back to work with such unsociable hours though image

    Well my diary for yesterday...

    B - nothing

    L - 2 boiled eggs on 2 slices of wholegrain bread

    D - chicken roast (few roast potatoes and lots of veggies)

    S - tunnocks caramel waver, few carrot sticks, 10cal jello pot, one light digestive

    D - 1 mug of triple echinancea green tea, few glasses of water (prob not enough), one glass of milk

    E - none image


  • Oh just as I was posting one of those jokey e-mails got sent by girl at work. Though you lot would appreciate it....can't post the picture though unfortunately so i've just described it...

    "The correct way to weigh yourself...

    ...I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years"image

  • Gemma - Glad that you had a good weekend away in the lakes, so your florist appointment went ok then? Did you decide on what flowers you will be having? With regards to bridesmaid shoes going to wait a month or so as my mum pointed out to me a lot of shops will start to get their summer sandals in soon so might find an ivory pair then, no point stressing out about for at last another month or so.

    Zoe - You and Gemma might be right about my body weight, I am very hard on myself though, my H2B said the same as you about me only knowing how much I weigh, but I am so critical of myself sometimes, my H2B says I have a warped body image of myself lol. He saw a pic of Alex Curren (steven Gerrards wife) in the paper at work the other day and she was on holiday in her bikini and he said that I have the exact body as her (bless him for trying to make me feel better, which it did for a bit lol) so maybe I should try and not be so hard on myself.

    Least you are not far off your Feb weight goal, must be hard with H2B father being there though, as you cant be yourself and do what you want, how long is he with you for?

    C x
  • Hello All!

    Congrats on those who have lost & maintained this week.

    I think (and I mean I think coz my scales aren't the best!) I have lost 1lb! So I'm now 10stone 6lbs. I'm def hovering lower than 10stone7lb but hard to tell exactly on my old fashioned scales!!!

    Zara - Your dress & hairstyle are lovely!! Bet you'll look great!

    Carly - I agree with someone else about the forgetting about your last 3 lbs. Maybe coz you've toned etc your current weight is a healthy weight. Muscle weighs more than fat!

    Zoe - Yeah, don't think you're not going to meet your Feb goal otherwise you won't! Think positive!! You're doing really well, but it does tend to slow down after a while. Don't be too hard on yourself!

    Gemma - Sorry my friend hasn't found any hairdressers that she knows that will travel to your venue - have you had any luck yet??

    Right, my food for Monday:

    B - Toasted wheat free roll with olivio + Pom Juice

    L - 4 oatcakes with low fat cottage cheese with pineapple

    D - 2 egg omlette with bacon, mushrooms & a teeny bit of cheese!

    Snacks - 1 banana, 1 satsuma, 1 bag of Fruit Flakes (yoghurt covered sberries)

    Drinks - 1 hot water with lemon, 1 tea, 3 lrg waters, 1 ltr water while exercising, 1 camomile tea

    Exercise - 1 hour Body Pump Class (was a new routine & bloody killed me! Arms are aching today!!)

    Have a good week everyone!!!

    Lucy xxx

  • Sorry double post - silly computer!!!

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  • Hi Girls,

    Quick post as I am job hunting - got made redundant yesterday - absolutely beside myself but trying to stay positive!


    B special k ss milk

    L 2 cheese on toast oops!

    D 2 chicken fajitas

    Drinks 3 litres of water

    Snacks about 5/6 milk tray (H2B bought them for me when he heard the bad news!)

    Exercise ZILCH!!!

    Also a 1lb on - BAD WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back to job search and uploading of the cv - wish me luck!

    Well done everyone this week by the way! xxxx
  • zara_louzara_lou Posts: 599
    Becky: I am so sorry to hear you have been made redundant - where did you work. Good Luck in the job hunt, I hope you find something soon. Dont worry about the 1lb weight gain, probably water retention!

  • Hi Zara,

    Missed last weeks weigh-in. Think I need a set day to do my weigh-in then I'll remember and do it at the same time each day!!

    Which day would you prefer me to post my weights etc Zara?

    Been trying to be really good and really gone for it on the exercise front but still feel like a slob! I NEED instant results!!!!

    Gem xx
  • Becky - so sorry to hear that you lost your job hun, have you left already or did they give you some notice. My H2b got made redundant before xmas, but your doing the right thing with getting your CV out there already, and positive thinking really helps, I am sure you will get something soon. Keep us posted.

    Carly x
  • Becky - I'm so sorry to hear about your job hun. I hope you manage to find something soon. Try & stay positive. You know where we all are if you need some help! xxx

    My food for Tues:

    B - Oatiflakes with ss milk + Pom Juice

    L - Baxters Roast Tom with garlic & Parmesan Soup (This is one of my fave soups ever!!)

    D - Tesco Healthy Living Chilli Beef with Rice

    Snacks - Packet of Fruit Flakes

    Drinks - 1 hot water with lemon, 3 lrg water, 1 green tea, 1 tea

    Have a good Wednesday everyone xxx

  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    Becky i have my fingers crossed for you.


    B: porridge

    L: tomato and lentil soup

    D: shepherds pie and veg

    S: 4 crispbread and xtra light philli

    D: 3 coffees, 1 highlights hot choc. Really wanted a glass of wine but managed to refrain.

    Ex: 1 1/2 hr walking.
  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    Hi Girls,

    First of all, Becky, very sorry about your job. Your very right to remain postive - i hope you find something soon. xx

    Michelle, congrats on your exam! what are you qualified as then?

    Zara, your dress is beautiful! i love the red detail, very special indeed and your hair looks great! I forgot to say that my target is for the 29th March, i want to lose 5 pounds, if possible by then so that gives me just over 4 weeks. Got a friends wedding to go to!

    Lucy, thank you for making enquiries! the hotel have actually given me 5 or 6 places to try,which the recommend.

    Carly, i think your mum's advice is right, to wait and see what styles come out, but i know what its like, as you'd like it all sorted! Midnight blue is such a gorgeous colour.

    Yes florist was amazing - she knew what to go for as soon as she saw a picture of my dress! Im having amensia and akito roses which will be a mushroom colour (sounds vile but are gorgeous). Im having a posie, which will be bound by ribbon and pearls. it was £75.00. the florist has also given me some wonderful ideas too. so was pleased!

    Also saw the venue stylist for my chair covers and we've managed to strike a deal with her concerning floral centrepieces at a very cheap price! oooh im so excited now.

    and how lovely that your h2b thinks your bod is like alex currans - wow wee!

    Right for Tuesday:

    B: 2x ww bread with honey & banana

    L: 160g wholewheat pasta with tuna and roll

    D: 3x slices of beef, mash pot & lots of veg

    S: 1x low fat bowl of custard, apple, 1x choc finger, 2x rich tea

    Drinks: lots of tea with ss milk, 4x green tea, 1x skinny coffee, 1x peppermint.

    Exercise: wooooo davina super fit workout! at long last image

    also went to the gym this morning for the 1st time in 4 weeks :\( and had a really good workout!

    have a good a day girls..................x

  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    can someone help me please......? KFC is situated opposite my office and the smell is really, really really tempting me! ive drank about a gallon of tea to stop me feeling hungry but this is now getting unfair. ive got no fruit or anything good to snack on today! grrrrrrrrrrr. x
  • Hi Girls,

    Gemma - Glad that your florist was helpful, looking forward to meeting a few when I am over in England, got my menu tasting at my venue as well, I am fully booked the whole week, still hopefully get everything sorted though. That's great that the hotel recommended a few places for hair as well. What colour are you going for again, I have forgotten?! I know bless my H2B think trying to make me feel better, I think he is blind lol.

    Bless you having a KFC opposite you, the smell is the thing the draws you in as well, be strong and think of that work out you did this morning, you don't want to waste it all now. Can you nip to the shops and get some fruit? What time is your lunch at? I am moving offices in a few weeks, which I am so glad of as the kettle we have in the office now is rank and makes the worst cuppa ever so don't drink any tea/coffee unless I buy it from the shop.

    Here is my food diary for yesterday:

    B - Porridge made with water and sweetener

    L - Bagel filled with tuna and low fat mayo

    D - Home made spiced lentil and carrot soup and 2 slices of homemade brown bread


    Drinks - 4x tea and 1x coffee, 500ml water

    Exercise - 20mins on the cross trainer and 20mins leg, tummy and arm exercises

    Hope you all have a good day - i am starving and so looking forward to lunch.

    C x

  • Hello

    Is it OK if I join? I went to try my dress on at weekend and the woman in the shop asked me if I'd gained weight! I nearly cried!! I was 12 stone 4 when we ordered the dress, I'm now 11 stone 5 and she thought I'd GAINED weight.... felt crushed image Anyway, it has spurred me on to work harder.

    So, my starting weight now is 11 stone 5. I am getting married on the 18th April so only have 8 weeks to do something about it... Most of the weight I have lost already has come straight off my tummy and bum.... but I need to move it off my back and bust to make my dress look better... any ideas how to do this?

    A friend of mine has recommended I have a couple of 'body wraps' a few weeks before the wedding. She had a series of 4 wraps before her holiday and it seemed to tighten everything up and she looked fab - anyone tried these? They seem quite expensive at £40 a go...

    In terms of dieting I am trying to stick to 18 weightwatchers points a day... doing OK so far this week, 18 on sunday, 18 on monday, and 15 yesterday image I walk for about 40 minutes every night when we take the dog out (I think this is why my bum has shrunk)...

    I will dig out a tape measure tonight and post again tomorrow with my measurements (if I'm not too ashamed)!

    SJ x
  • hi girls- half a pound on this week : ( I deserve it for eating crap lol

    Gemma I'm training to qualify as an Accountant- nearly there (4 more exams to go)

    Becky- so sorry hun I'm getting stressed at work too!! My pay is up for review (next week) and my boss has responded to me booking a meeting in the diary by moping about saying he's skint and that the business is in trouble- its not at all but he's playing mind games so I'm looking around to keep my options open!! nightmare! Good luck and hope you find something soon xx
  • Hi girls,

    Becky I am so sorry to hear about your redundancy. Just keep your chin up. You're already getting your cv out there so you are organised. What line of work do you do again? Fingers crossed anyway!! Let us know if we can help in any way. Don't worry about your gain either - you have done so well and 1lb will come back off easily (and yup it probably is just water retention like Zara said!)

    I feel bad for feeling down about my work now...my contract here is up in Sept and generally you move into industry after that. I've set 11 CVs out the past two days and already had 7 people replying to say there are not recruiting. Basically those are the only firms I can apply to in my line of work on the island. I could try other lines of work but the competition is so tough because there are so few jobs. Anyway my current employer have offered me a 1 year contract extension here so at least I know I have a job (though will have to tell them in few weeks so may end up missing out on industry jobs that are out there)..but the very thought of staying in this line of work for another year is bringing me to tears (yesterday esp!). I should just be grateful I have a job I know! Hmm seems like it's a bad time all round for jobs. Michelle I hope your boss gives you your rise esp since you passed you exams.

    Lucy you are bang on about me needing a positive attitude and not thinking I won't meet my target before I even get to the deadline. I am just not as focused right now as I should be. Carly my FIL2b leaves next Wednesday and as nice as it is to see him I will be glad when things get back to normal. I've been leaving work at 5pm past two nights (even though quite a bit of work on) because I can't face staying and I've been going home and joining h2b and his dad (h2b has week off today) and doing nothing! I am just being lazy. I weight myself again this morning (i know i shouldn't) and i'd put on 1.5lbs from yesterday!! eeek. Oh well. Come next wed the exercise will return! It has to.

    Well enough of my moans....diary for Tue (it's not good!)

    B - grapes and melon

    L - left over chicken on 3 slices of wholegrain bread

    D - 1 piece of salmon maki, 2 spring rolls, thai green curry, slice of bailies cheese cake

    S - 2 carrot sticks, small handful of special k cereal

    D - 2xmangosteen green tea, 2 glasses of water, 1 glass of diet coke

    E - none

    I am ashamed I ate so much yesterday - no wonder I put on 1.5lbs over night! Thing is I felt starving the whole day. Granted right after dinner I was stuffed full to bursting but about an hour later we were watching a film and I felt peckish again!! Most odd. If FIL2b wasn't there I know I would have rummaged for more food...as embarrassing as that is to admit image Food is evil image
  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306

    Zo, what is it that you do and sorry youve probably mentioned where are you living? dont you enjoy it where you are duck? your little gain is probably water retention too. dont beat yourself up girly... sounds like you can have some peace and quiet when the fil2b has gone ;\)

    looking at your food intake, it doesnt look bad at all.

    Michelle, hope the meeting with your boss goes well and you manage to get a pay rise.

    Carly, i resisted the temptation! had a sandwich on ww anyway prepared for lunch and went out for an hour at lunchtime and munched on a huge apple!

    when you say my colour - do you mean my hair or my flowers hun? my hair will be remaining blonde - nothing drastic will be happening to it and sorry flowers are a mushroomy kinda colour! what do you work as Carls? my mind is like a siv!

    SJ: Welcome to the thread. we have a weekly weigh in each tuesday and post our measurments up every 4 weeks. you havent got long have you to the wedding, bet your very excited! take no notice of the wedding dress lady image

    for your back and your chest, have you thought about taking up swimming and it will tone up your overall top half! good luck with the weight loss. This thread really does help, i didnt come on here for 2 weeks and my eating healthy went out the window!

  • Zoe - I am sorry that your work is getting you down hun, I know it's so hard to going into a job which you aren't happy in, it can affect you overall, have you talked through with H2B what you should maybe do? Like you said that the moment people don't seem to be recruiting much, bloody economy. I hope you decide what you can do for the best and keep your chin up. Does your H2B work in the same line as work? Also I agree with Gemma your food diary for yesterday was ok, nothing wrong with it at all.

    Bluwgirl - Welcome to the thread, not long for you at all now, you must be all excited. I can't believe what that women said to you in the wedding shop the cheek of her, don't listen to her anyway, you know your weight has gone down. I agree with Gemma in terms of swimming as this will tone your whole body up, worth a try I suppose. I have never tried body wraps, did your friend think they did something then? Shame they are so pricy.

    Gem - I mean what are you having for your wedding colours, bridesmaids etc lol - I didn't make myself very clear before lol. I work for a letting agents and moving to these really posh new offices on the 7th floor, where I will have my own office overlooking the river, bit of a step up from where we are now, these offices we are in now are freezing in the winter.

    Well done on resisting a KFC as well.

    C x

  • zara_louzara_lou Posts: 599
    Becky: You kept it quiet about your weakest link appearance. Well done for getting down to the final two. BTW: Why do you need to loose weight?

    I'm having a really bad day today. My wedding dress arrived from America and they have sent me the wrong colour. I have received a white dress when I ordered an ivory dress with claret trim. I am now trying to contact the company (not responce) so tomorrow its back to the drawing board and go dress shopping!

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  • Morning All!

    Sorry quick post again, got a lot on at work! Hope you're all okay!

    Food for Weds:

    B - Oatiflakes with ss milk + OJ

    L - 2 oatcakes with low fat cheese spread + low fat Activia Yoghurt

    D - Plaice with a tom sauce & roast pots

    Snacks - 1 bag of French Fries, 1 banana

    Drinks - 1 hot water with lemon, 1 green tea, 3 lrg waters, 1 glass red wine (very naughty!!)

    Exercise - 1 hour swimming

    Have a good day everyone xxx

  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306

    Hi Girls,

    Zara - oh know! Have you managed to get in touch with the company? Don't panic too much hun until you speak with them. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you that it gets sorted out. Did you order it through the internet or at a shop? Let us know how you get on.

    Carls, I get you now! The colour theme to the wedding is sage green and chocolate, but as my dress is what's called, celedon green, white or ivory flowers are too brash, so that's why we've gone with the mushroomy colour!

    Very plush to be getting an office like that! how are you finding the job as you were made redundant prior to Christmas? I on the other hand share a box office with 3 girls, were almost like chickens penned in!

    Right food time for Weds:

    B: Oatabix with ss milk

    L: ww sandwich of ham & mustard

    D: Low-fat spag bol with low fat garlic bread (got the rest to eat today!)

    S: Apples x2, snack o jacks

    D: 1x tea, 6x green tea, 1 ltr of water, 1x skinny coffee

    Exercise: 30 mins running, 30 mins weight training and Abs.

    I hope you all have a great day! xx

  • Morning Girls,

    Zara - Oh no hun what a nightmare about your dress, did you order over the internet or through the shop on line, cannot they not change it for you? Hope you get something sorted, keep us posted.

    Becky - What is this about with Zara saying you're on the weakest link? Zara how did you know it was Becky? Wished I had seen it now.

    Gem - Your dress sounds lovely, really different, you will have to post a pic once your dress comes in. I love sage green and the chocolate will go really well with it. It was my H2B that got made redundant before xmas, he is getting on ok in his job now, just glad he a new one quite quickly really. What does your H2B do?

    Here is my food diary for yesterday:

    B - Cornflakes made with ss milk

    L - Homemade lentil and carrot soup with 2 slices homemade brown bread (left over from last night's dinner)

    D - 2 scrambled egg on 2 slices brown bread toast with 2 small low fat sausages (naughty but nice and went for low fat sausages)

    S - 1 apple, 1 banana and 1 BGY crispy cereal bar

    D - 500ml bottle diet coke, 300ml water, 2x tea and 1x coffee

    E - 12 minutes on the cross trainer

    Hope you all have a good day - Friday tomorrow!!!

    C x

  • Skip2beSkip2be Posts: 306
    Carls, I did post up my dress in thread 18 but here it is again!


    sorry i dont know why i thought it was you! hope your h2b is getting on well in his new job and what does he do...!?

    my h2b is a design engineer, however, he is almost finished with an executive masters degree in business management and I am very proud of him, as he is on his way to a distinction! Unfortunately, he wants to carry on studying to get a PHD (i know this would be a fantastic thing)

    but it would probably mean putting the barns on hold - he is happy to wait another 2 or 3 years and me, I would love one now. If i was sprogged up, I would get out of all those dreadful late nights on call!


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  • Monring girls,

    Gemma - I'm an accountant and living in the cayman islands (sorta near cuba). Very nice. I don't particularly like my current job and was using the 2 year contract as a means to an end to allow me to get a work permit in cayman and move over. The plan was always to then move into industry - no-one has ever had a problem with this in the past and all our friends have made the switch with no problems. Of course I end up looking during the recession so there are no bleeding jobs. I have 4 possibilities left so trying not to get too negative just yet. The current work is just a bit dull and I can't face thought of doing it for another year - but the actual company is very good and treat staff well and the people are nice so I have no complaints on that side. I like your sage green and chocolate colour scheme - be interesting to see pics image. And thanks for your kind words about my diary - perked me up a bit (of course I should have read yesterday because that might have stopped me eating biscuits - opps!)

    Carly - my h2b is in the industry I want to get into so that is hand. We've talked it through but there are just no jobs going right now. We agreed I would take the extra year contract at my current place if I can't get a new job. He's worried about it all too but figured out we could scrap by on his salary to cover the mortgage and things if we had too - we would also have to get married asap so I could stay on the island (if no work permit i would have to leave even though i own a home here and h2b could support me in theory - crazy eh?). Anyway I am sure it won't come to that because I can stay where I am so that is fortunate too. Heard a whole bunch of people in my year were told they wouldn't not be allowed to stay on so I really should be counting my blessings. H2b has a good job so we can't just up and leave the island (besides we have a home here and i like the place a lot). Woooowww...rambled on a tad there - sorry!!

    Zara - I'm sorry you got the wrong dress delivered. Fingers crossed you get in touch with the company and they can sort something out for you hon.

    Well my diary for Wed....

    B - none

    L - chicken soup with 2 slices of wholewheat bread, 2 light digestives

    D - half a BLT sandwhich (picked fat of bacon) and 2 fries - had no appetite as eating really late and had few 'snacks' when got home so that totally ruined appetite - silly me!

    S - tunnocks caramel waver, 3 digestive (so yup 5 in total yesterday - I am so annoyed with myself!! Bu no one to blame for this one but myself. Will try harder rest of the week!)

    D - 3x triple enchan green tea, few glasses of water, one glass of 7up

    E - none

    Well there ya go....hope you all have good Thursdays! Nearly Friday afterall!!!


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