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lost weight for july help

hi everyone, does anyone know any way i could loss a stone before the 8 May, my first wedding dress fitting.

I found my dream dress 19 months ago and it fit perfect so i bought it, and got £100 of it because it was the one in the shop. i went 4 month ago to try it on to see what my weight was like and i had put on half a stone and the dress would not fit, round christmas like we all do i put another half a stone on, i have tried to diet and loss some then put it straight back on, i am getting so worry that i have a £1000 wedding dress and will not fit and will look fat. i am getting so upset about it. please please help anyone,,, just talking to someone my get me mortarvatored...

Thanks image


  • Hiya,

    Like you ive put on afair bit of weight over christmas and forgot start a diet before thinking my wedding was ages away! I get married in June so i only have 4 months left, i decided to get my backside in gear as my new years resolution and lose some weight. Bought myself an excerise bike as i hate gyms! Ive lost a stone in 6 weeks which i am well chuffed with. Just been having fruit for breakfast, weightwatchers soup for my dinner with a bread roll and a healthy tea. Also cut out the five thousand cups of coffee i used to drink at work and replaced with loads of water. Then ive had to grit my teeth and make myself do an hour a night on my exercise bike. I stopped going out and drinking laods as well cus that wasnt helping.

    Im sure you'll be fine, let me know how you get on.

    Debs x x

  • hi i am going to try and do the special k diet from tomorrow, i hope it works as anyone done this. been told it is very hard.image
  • Hi i havent tried the special k diet but i hear the Gillian Mckeith you are wot you eat is quite good. I joined weight watchers 6wks ago an have only lost 2 1/2lbs i havent even went over on my points limit each day!
  • Hi Girls

    Don't fret pawprints, you will be fine. I have lost 1.7 stone and want to lose another half a stone. I have a ian stuart wedding dress and all his models look fantastic in them as they are so tiny so i'm paranid! my wedding is also in july - 21st but my hen is a month before and i need to look good in a bikin by then! I would recommend just upping the exercise and doing classes at a gym rather than trying to stay motivated in the gym, I went from doing nothing for ages to doing between 5 and 8 classes a week and it's worked for me. It's hard going but the dress is keeping me motivated so i'm sure you will find that too once you start exercising more - and you get used to it, it's almost addictive once you get going!

    good luck and keep us informed with how you are doing!

    If anyone has a good tummy trimming tips i'd love to hear them as that is my problem area!


  • Hi all,

    Have you thought about a personal trainer at the gym?

    I had a baby 14 months ago and had my 1st dress fitting last night. I have only had a trainer since beginning of January and have dropped a dress size. I use the personal trainer once a week and then go to the gym myself twice a week.

    Had my 1st fitting last night and it was amazing I didn't need the dress taking in or out or even up or down, it just fit absolutely perfectly I was over the moon.

    Good luck and don't worry you will get there.

    Leila xx

  • Pawprints1

    If you want to lose some weight try slimming world I am the worlds biggest yo-yo dieter ever.

    Here you can download a free 7 day diet plan to try:

    I have lost 21.5 lb since mid nov and I had a week off over Xmas and new year.

    I joined a class in January this is now my 7th week and have lost 12.5lbs at class the other 9lb I did at home.


    we actually have member in our sw class that was on tv with Gillian on you are what you eat, she lost loads with her but you can't live on that stuff forever and put more back on, she has lost 1 stone 3 lbs in 6 weeks!

    If you stick to it it will work I promise you!

    A lady came for her first weigh in last night and had lost 7lb she was around the 14 stone mark (I do the weighing in) another lady in her 1st week (last week) lost 9.5 lbs she was17.5 stone to start with and in her first week got into the 16's.

    Good luck x
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