Day 5 of Cabbage Soup Diet - Finished... phew!!

Hey ladies,

I've been doing the cabbage soup diet this week (without the cabbage!) and am so proud of myself!! I have no will power normally but have somehow managed to stick to this all week. Even prouder because I've been full of a cold and it was that time of the month too!!

So far I've lost 6 pounds!! I realise this is not a healthy way to lose weight but just doing it to kick start my new keep fit regime. If I can do this, then I can do anything!

Wish me luck as I have only 2 days to go. Tomorrow it's steak and vegetables befoe brown rice and vegetables on Sunday. One good thing is that it has made me realise just how many times I have a wee bag of crisps (or three or four) a day!

X ;\)

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  • hi hun,

    could ypu please tell me what diet are on. i have just four months to go i need so help. we be lovely if we can get together on track xx

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  • michjoemichjoe Posts: 544
    good luck jw056, your almost there
  • So its not a soup diet?

    please share! x
  • VWBrideVWBride Posts: 207
    This sounds like the kick start I could do with too.....Please can I have some details of what diet you are doing?


  • jw056jw056 Posts: 613
    Phew... I've done it! I managed to lose 8 pounds in a week. I know I'' prob put it all back on again but it's the kick start I needed!

    It's definitely made me conscious of portion control ie I have none! And how many times I snack when it reality I should just have a glass of water. Also means I've know given up caffeine which can only be a good thing!

    This is what I did

    Thats the basic soup recipe altho I didn't put the cabbage in. Click on the 7 day plan for the rest of the stuff you should eat. Idea is you try and eat as much of the soup as you can every day. I found the banana and milk day the hardest. Having a cold at the same time isn't the ideal time too!

    I must add that a side effect is you need the loo a lot and I did but ony for a wee so not what everyone immediately thinks!

    Let me know if you're thinking of trying it. I'm here for support!!

  • this is like the sacred heart diet... I lost 1stone on that in 1 week and i was only 9.7 to start with! have made the soup and am going to do it this week! X
  • jw056jw056 Posts: 613
    Good luck kissmequick! Let me know how you get on! Will do it again in three weeks me thinks. Going to keep having the soup for lunch but with porridge and a moderate tea for the next 3 weeks.

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