Anyone with me? Diet lose 1.5 stone for july wedding 2009


I reallyneed to lose 1.5 stone ( well really 1.25) for my weddingin july 2009 - and more importantly for my bikini bod for the honeymoon.

I am 5 foot 9 and wiegh 11 stone. i want to weigh 9 stone 10

So i;ve started a few diets in the last couple of weeks and found them all to difficult to stick to

Atkins, Weight watcherspoints and the smoothie and soup diet. #

So now i'm doing slimfast very happy, and very easy to do.

Do you think i'll be able to lose that much weight by may - for my dress fitting?

Anyone want to be dieting buddies?



  • Hey! What date is your wedding - I'm getting married July 4th!! So excited!

    Ive been doing the weight watchers programme - I started in August - weighed 12 st 3 (I'm 5"4) I've lost 2 st 5 and now weight 9 st 10 I'm hoping to get down to 9 st before the wedding - but the last bit is always the hardest!!

    Glad to hear that the slimfast plan has been working for you, what does it involve?

    I think you shoul be able to lose an stone and a halp before may and your dress fitting!

  • hey.

    I've started diet today....its no real plan, just eating less crap.

    I love junk food and I enjoy bingeing!!!

    So plan is, I'll be good during week, and I'll have Saturdays off. Think I'll go mad f I don't.

    Like both of you, I'm not massive 5ft 8 10 1/2 stone...but I'd like to be 9 1/2 before wedding in July. I'm on board!!:\)
  • ok girls im in it with you i will start tomorrow im 5ft 3 and 12.5 stone i have high blood pressure and achey knees so right in there with you got 3 yrs till my wedding but saw some of last nights photos and i look preggers so im dieting i will keep you posted if i can fnd this link again
  • yey! Always wnted dieting buddies!

    Slim fast mean you have two shakes - one for breakfast and one for lunch and then you are aloud two snacks of fruit or slim fast snack bars and then you have a 600 calorie dinner.

    I am sticking to the two shakes two fruit and an innocent veg pot with some steamed chicken or salmon. Yum Yum Yum

    I am aiming to go to the gym 3 times a week. So hopefully will lose the 2lbs a weeks as planned.

    Anyone got any tips for nice healthy 600 calorie dinners?

  • Hello Girls, getting married on July 3rd in 5 6" and weigh 12stone...would like to lose 2 and a half stone by then but will be happy with 1.5...

    good luck to us all!!!!!
  • I've been doing weight watchers for 8 weeks and have gone from 10st 8lbs to 9st goal weight is between 8st 8lbs and 9st by November............its really easy to do especially if cook your own meals from scratch

  • Yeah, I've found weight watchers much easier than I thought I would. I've always loved cooking so meals aren't much of a problem - but its made me realise how many naughty snacks I was eating - Trading in a bar of chocolate for something healthier like carrot sticks or a WW bar has made such a difference - and I'm not hungry either!

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