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Exercise plan anyone?

Hi guys,

Im so down in the dumps at the moment, Im trying so hard to diet using the SW diet but and i promised myself to start running following a very helpfulplan on here.


Why oh why i cany motivate myself i dont know.

Anyway moan over, i thought i would set myself a goal to srart March 1st but ike the idea of following a plan.

Possibly something that tells you how many arm reps to do and sit ups etc, now i know it prob sunds like ive answered my own question and could make my own plan but following a plan would just make me feel like im doing the right things.

Has anyone got any tips or following anything that works for them?

Help please!



  • This is my gym routine:

    18 mins on bicycle

    15 mins on cross tainer

    10 min on rowing machine

    10-15 mins running on running machine

    50 half sits

    and lastly 50 sit-ups

    hope this helps
  • Have you read Zest magazine?? They often have lots of different routines in there & I know they have done a few books too - one on running that is meant to be fab!!

    Good Luck! x
  • when doing cardio if you change machines a lot you cut down teh amount of calories you burn as your metabolism slows down in between the machine, so for cardio stick to a machin but use a random or hill setting (very hard work but burns LOTS of calories!)

    I buy Shape magasine (USA) and they have awesome routines in there. Am using one now and am already seeing results (good motivation!)

  • Oh missmason2be don't get down, I have put on a load of weight in the past 8 months since moving to live with my H2B in Cheshire and taking redudnacy from my job then my H2B goes and proposes in NY at New year and I am gettting married in 5 months so its panic time...

    3 years ago I went from being 11.5 stone to 10stone in 4 months and got really toned at the same time.

    I did this by doing weight watchers mon - fri (sat and sun were free days) and working out 5 times a week. Zest magazine is fantastic and give's you lots of ideas and programmes each month, the trick is to vary your exercise routine...break up 2 structured gym sessions with a circuits session or boxersise...try to include jogging into your routine also as it is the best form of exercise - try to get you H2B to do it with you, even 20 mins before brekfast will give your metabolism one hell of a boost and you will feel great!!!

    I have just got back into my routine and feeling less wobbly already...

    Also try buying yourself some light (2.5 kg) leg and arm weights and wear them round the house when doing your some press ups against the kitchen side and lunges whilst you are all helps and will become second nature!!

    Everytime I try and talk myself out of doing some exercise I think of my big day, my dress and my skinny mini bridesmaids or flick through Zest and my trainers are on and Im out the door!!

    I have some great no points soup recipes for lunches if you think they will help I will dig them out for you...

    Now go buy Zest!!!! Good luck
  • Okay I hate the gym and only ever workout at home or by doing stuff outdoors such as walking my dogs/bike rides etc. Below is my plan. It's an everyday plan so you have to do it everyday but the best thing is most days you'll onlky be doing it for 20 mins - half an hour so it's easy to motivate yourself because it doesn't take long and REALLY WORKS.

    Last year, for my wedding, I lost 1 stone 5lbs in five months just doing this (and my eating plan which I've written down under the exercise plan). As a result I was slim, very tight and toned with no wobbly bits and never felt like I was putting too much effort in or even like I was dieting.

    Anyway here was my exericse routine:

    EVERY DAY do the following exercises - it should take you no more than half an hour maximum to do them:

    50 leg ups on each leg (leg ups are where you lie on your side on the floor and leaving one leg on the floor, lift the other up and then back down again. When you drop your leg back down each time DON'T relax your leg and let it rest on the other before lifting it again - always drop it to a few inches above your idle leg before lifting - that way you get more of a workout from it. Like I said do 50 on each leg.

    Then I did 50 sit ups (which after the first couple of months I increased to 100 a day as it got easier).

    After that I concentrated on arms - I got two full sized tins of the heaviest thing you can find from your cupboard (but try to get two tins of the same thing so you know they're of equal weight). For me, it was tins of dog food! Place one in each hand and for the duration of two songs, one after the other lift you arms above your head as high as you can into the air for eight counts, then do a breast stroke swimming action with your arms for eight counts, then a bicep curl for eight counts then begin again. Do these three arm actions, with the tins in hand, for two whole songs non stop - I swear your heart will be racing, you will have started to sweat and your arms will feel like they're donna drop off but my god it tones your upper arms quick!

    Finally, I did 12 very slow squats to tone upper thighs and 20 "side reaches" on each side to end the routine. Side reaches are when you stand up straight with arms by your side and then tilt your body to one side and with that hand reach down as far as you can as though you're trying to touch your ankle. 20 for each side is plenty.

    These may seem like lots of exercises but I swear once you actually do them all for the amounts I've said they really only take 20 mins to half an hour to do the lot. Try to do this every day.

    Now, if you do them alone every day after just two weeks you will see a difference. Clothes will begin to seem looser, you'll see yourself tighter and more toned. My friend done these exercises alone and dropped a dress size and she didn't do anything else or even change the way she ate! Be warned though - these are more toning exercise than actual weight loss - you will lose inches, be in smaller clothes sizes and look tighter and more slimmer but essentially you are turning your muscle into fat and muscle weighs more than fat so don't be disheartened or think it's not working if the scales don't show much change.

    Anyway onto the cardio. As well as doing those above exercises every morning before I got ready for work, I also done the following:

    Once a week I went on an 8 mile walk with my dogs (we are lucky enough to have a long trail by our house)

    Once a week I went on a bike ride - no particualr distance or amount of time - just rode my bike for as long as I could before the seat started hurting my bum too much!

    Every day I walk my dogs twice a day, half an hour in the morning, half an hour at night (I did this anyway before the diet but it still helped). If you don't fancy two walks a day though as you may not have dogs you could subsidise this by once or twice a week doing an exercise DVD.

    As for my diet - I never eat breakfast and haven't since I was a child and my mother forced me! I just don't get hungry until 11:30-12:00pm so by then it's nearly lunch time anyway. So I had no breakfast (but this wasn't part of my diet I never ate it anyway). For lunch I would have soup or salad. I stopped eating bread simply because a) it makes me pile on the pounds and b) it bloats me and flares up my IBS and you don't want that at work! So every day at lunch time I just ate stuff that didn't include any bread - soup, salad, tins of speghetti bologneise, noodles, pasta etc.

    For tea I would have anything I liked! Literally anything - a kebab and chips from chippie, korma, pizza, fry up - anything! I figured if I had only eaten a bloody salad all day then I was entitled to eat what I wanted and it worked - with the exercises I still lost weight and was eating all the foods I loved! For me, dieting is about quality not quatity - I would rather eat one big meal a day that is anything I want then eat three meals a day but they all have to be healthy stuff I don't particularly like. In other words I would rather eat a little of nice foods than a lot of boring healthy crap! ha ha!

    Also, no snacking between meals or desserts after tea BUT everyone deserves a treat to keep you going and my treat was a bottle of wine every weekend. Two glasses Friday night, two glasses Saturday night. I love my wine and can't go without it - I am great on diets - can go without choccie, crisps, desserts, treats but NOT without my precious wine!

    Anyway that is the food and fitness routine that lost me my weight and made me feel great - because I was eating all the teas I love to eat normally (take outs and stuff) it never felt like a diet and was really easy for me to stick to. Plus on the days you can't be arsed doing the exercise DVD, walks, bike rides etc as long as you do your 20 minute toning exercises you'll still be losing inches.

    I am back to doing mine now - I do it every year between the months of Jan (after Chrimbo) and September - mainly for my summer holidays in June and then the summer time here. Then when September comes I eat what I like when I like and put on a bit of wieght from September to December. That is my treat months - when eating means more to me than looking good! Then after Chrimbo it's back to being "good" again! ha ha!

    Good luck x

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  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    WOW bexappeal !!!!!!!!

    Thank sooooooo much for your reply, that must of taken you ages to type!!!

    Really like your suggestions mind. Some im not familiar with but ive discovered that youtube is great for showing you how to do exercises so this weekend im gonna write your plan down and watch some vids!

    Mon i start properly but we are having low fat spag boll with low fat garli bread (naughty naughty) tonight so i willbe going for a little run tomoz.

    Once again thanks so much, have you got any inspiring piccies of b4 and after your fitness programmes??

    Lucy xxx

    P.S Thanks for all the lovely replies ladies!!!!
  • I do - I actually have a pic of in my dress before the 1 1/2 stone weight loss and then one of me in the dress on the day. However, I don't wanna post the the "before" pic on here as feel ashamed! If you want I can email them to you? Hope you don't mind! x
  • Oh what the hell - I guess I should be proud of my weight loss!

    Here's a pic of me, five months or so before the wedding trying on my dress (it wasn't a fitting just showing my mum). I was a little bit bigger than this to start with but this was about one month into the diet:

    And then this is of me on the day in the dress after the weight loss:

    and another:

    Hope this helps hun! Good luck and let me know how you get on x
  • Ooops other pic didn't work - this shows it a little better...

  • winelover79winelover79 Posts: 1,108
    You looked fab to start though!!!

    Love your dress and flower combination, you a very pretty lady!!!

    Many thanks for the piccies!!

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