Feelin really down

I bought the dress of my dreams a couple of weeks ago. I mean THE dress! So ive been pretty excited n smiley eva since. Until 2day. I was called by the lady who owns the shop 2 book me in 2 hav a fittin next week, n informed that after that its a case of maintainin my weight. MAINTAINING!!

Im gutted. I knew it was comin, but I imagined I would hav more time. Now, im not overweight at all - im healthy n curvy (the way I like it) but I just wanted to look my best. N now I hav 2 stay this weight. I just wanted enough time 2 lose a few more lbs. Thinkin bout eatin as little as possible, just 4 the next week?

N wot about my hen weekend? Im goin abroad n will now hav 2 lounge around in a bikini 5lbs heavier than I imagined I would b. Next 2 my slim (childless, lol) friends. I keep tellin myself its not much but its like the thoughts been implanted in my head n its takin over.

I just wanted 2 b a little lighter. I wanted 2 dazzle him, as sad as that sounds.

I sound like a real whiner, sorry girls - just wanted 2 vent.


  • I know what you mean. My wedding's only 3 weeks away, and I wanted to be thinner too. But I've been off work with non-wedding related stress, and I comfort eat, so I'm heavier than I've been for AGES!!! They're having to let my dress out! OK, it's a size 12, when I'm a 16 in ordinary clothes - God knows how they worked that out! But it did fit when I first tried it on 5 or 6 months ago, so I now feel like a great fat blob.

    However, don't worry too much about your Hen do. It's all girls together, and most of us know how difficult it is to lose weight, let alone find the dress of your dreams and still fit it well on the day. There's nothing worse than finding the dress of your dreams and realising that it doesn't suit you, or you look like a sack of potatoes or oily rag cos you've gained/lost weight. And, as regards him - I'm sure he loves you as you are, and won't be paying any mind to a couple of extra pounds on the wedding night!

    Hope this help. Good luck with the wedding, and have a falbulous hen party.8\)
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