SO i bought myself a slendertone...well argos's version (much cheaper) of a sendertone and you know wot i think it actually kinda works!!! Ok, i know its not gonna shift the pounds but it does feel like its toning up the muscles in my tummy!

I started a diet, not a set one just stop eating rubbish and fizzy drinks and snacks between meals , that started last thursday and ive lost 4 and 1/2 lbs! Not amazing results but its a start i suppose! Only another ten to go!!!

I read on here about the sacred heart diet, has anyone tried it?

And what fitness videos do you recomend?


  • Hiya,

    I am the queen of fitness DVDs, lol. tried them all.

    Ministry of Sound


    Nell McAndrew

    Natalie Cassidy!

    What kind of thing are you looking for? Maybe I could advise.

    Jo. x
  • Hi jo,

    Well i need to lose loads of pounds and tone up the flab especially around the middle and the bingo wings!! Which one would you suggest?!

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