Paul McKenne

Hi is anyone doing the Paul Mckenna 'I can make you thin'?

i've been doing it for 4 weeks & have lost 9lbs. I recommend it to everyone



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    Am planning on starting after the weekend. Havn't read the book, but I wholeheartedly agree with the logic of the man. I had a bit of an experiment a while ago and found that in terms of portions I normally eat quite a bit more than I need to to feel full. Quite an eye-opener.

    Nice to know it does actually work. Well done on your loss so far!!

    Do you think I need to invest in the book too or just follow the basic rules?
  • i got the 6 dvd set & the journal. ive only used the dvd 6 times. you need the journal. you prob wouldnt need the book. could try and send you a copy of the main dvd if that would help? save you some money! if you follow the basic rules you can do it. for the first time in my life i actually leave food on my plate. ive eaten out a lot over the past 4 weeks & have eaten what i wanted but just stopped when i was full.
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