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Toning tummy and upper arms

Hi all,

What are the best exercises to tone your stomach and upper arms.

Thank kelly



  • Stomach has to be sit ups - ouch! but the girlie ones are just as good where you don't have to sit right up.

    Upper arms.......mmmmmmm..........not sure hun sorry, but when you find the cure be sure to tell me as I could do without the bingo wings ha ha! x
  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    for stomach exercises crunches & side crunches (where you sit up & twist to opposite sides) are good. if you're like me & want to tone your lower abs, i'm told by my fitness instructor that leg raises are effective. lie on the ground with your legs extended & your arms flat either side. lift your heels off the ground & engage your core muscles (the ones you'll be able to feel pulling!) hold for up to a count of ten & lower, but don't drop your heels to the ground - this is crucial. let them hover & it'll be your abs which are controlling the smooth movements up & down.

    for your arms, tricep dips are fab (i'm doing loads of them in my bodypump class & have lost 1.5 inches off the tops of my arms in 2 months). push yourself off a chair or edge of the sofa & put your elbows directly behind you, fingers facing your back. using your upper arms, slowly lower yourself down, but don't ge guided by your bum - the trick is to let your back just skim the sofa/chair/step

    hope these help!!
  • MADAM_BMADAM_B Posts: 574
    Hiya I find that sit ups and press ups (the ladies kind where you start from the knees) have been quite effective for me. x
  • PippakiPippaki Posts: 113
    Stomach routine:

    1. Crunch

    2. Reverse curls

    3. Side obliques

    4. Climb the legs

    5. Elevated crunches

    6. Double tuck

    7. Alternating knee-in crunch

    8. Prayers

    9. Lower back extension

    Build up to 25 each and when comfortable up it by 5.

    At least 3 times a week.

    I recommend using free weights for excercise;

    You could do straight arm pullovers, shoulder press, bicep curls, lateral raise, bench dips and press ups.

    If you don't know these excercises look them up on the internet or ask member of staff in your gym. They should be able to help and also make sure that you are doing these correctly.

    Hope this helps

  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    How about a work out dvd such as davina power of 3. It has a section on tums and a section on upper body which you can follow to work those areas. Motivates you too!

    Also if you do press ups but in a kneeling position (if that makes sense) that is good for upper arms. Also light weights or even a couple of cans (of beans) or bottled water can work as weights to tone upper arms.

    For tums, do sit ups but you only have to lift a bit. (crunches I think they call this).

    Also lie on your back with legs in the air, crossed at ankle and reach up towards the toes with right hand and then left hand and so on, you really feel the burn doing that.
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I've been doing a few biceps curls and lowering the weights over my head and down my back (if that makes sense) for my triceps as I'm worried I'm developing bingo wings. lol. Doing themn evry time an advert comes on when I'm watching TV and I can see some improvement already. Going to try doing those chair dips too as they sound good. Should be doing more to tone up my lower body but probably end up buying a few more sarongs instead! Hey, I lost half a stone and got back to my perfect weight so can't do everything.image x
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