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Oh Gawd... just been 'volunteered' to enter the 5km Cancer Research Race For Life by my sister-in-law!! She's super-fit & I only stepped foot in the gym for the first time ever a month ago! Do you reckon I can get myself fit enough by the 17th June to wobble round a 5km course? My fitness routine was originally aimed at my wedding in May 2008.... lol... need to bring my targets a bit closer I think! Also running the race with my 8yr old niece.. going to be so bad if she's shown up by Aunty Ali!!! HELP! image


  • Hi, i've enrolled on the race for life in Peterborough where i live. This will be my 10th consecutive year of taking part in the race. You will find it to be such an emotional event and you will be suprised that 5km isn't as daunting as you first thought! My only tip is to wear comfortable shoes as blisters can make the whole thing drag! lol

    The first time i ever trained for the race was last year and that was only by having a 30minute brisk walk 5 times a week. Not only did this make me fitter so i was able to comple the race in 35 mins but along with the walking i improved my diet and lost 2stone!

    Good luck with the race, it'll become attictive! :\)

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  • Hello,

    I reckon you'll be more than fine for time. I did the women's hydroactive 5k run last year and I'm not a natural runner.

    I don't know if you've done running before but I hadn't but found that the more I did it I the further I could go. Have to say a lot of it was down to my friend, who I trained with, who kept me going as we were running.

    We started off by running for 2 mins then walking for 2 mins. Then running for 3 walking for 3 - you get the idea.

    As the weeks went on we reduced the amount of time we walked in between runs and increased the time we were running. By the time we got to the race date I could run for 40 mins without stopping (at a decent pace) and nearly managed to run the entire 5k - bar 2 mins of walking as the weather was baking and I'd ran out of water.

    Go for it and even if you can't run all of it, you can walk part of it.

    Good luck.
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    Princessmelie - I come from Peterborough! Where abouts are you in Peterborough? My parents are still there, they live on Hampton Vale.

    Anyway! I did the race for life last year in Slough. I thought i was going to die afterwards - I walked it and it took just a few seconds over an hour.

    Shall be doing it again this year as I've lost an uncle, MIL2B and good friend to cancer... image

  • Joo - i live in Orton Longueville just up the road to Hampton Vale, its lovely there. What made you move away from Peterborough?

    Sorry to hear of your losses, must spur you on all the more to do it!

    An hour aint bad for walking though, well done!

  • I walked the one at Newcsatle Racecourse last year with a few of my work colleagues, it's actually easier than you think!! i did it in just over an hour and it was really satisfying knowing id done something for charity xx i will probably be doing the same again this year too xxxxx
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    Princessmelie - I moved away with H2B as he got a job 'down South' and we wanted to be together! Was the first time I'd left home!

    I worked at Thomas Cook for 7yrs in Bretton so was a big change moving!

    Are you getting married in the Peterborough area?

    Joo xxx
  • joo - depends if we can find a venue big enough my H2B has a massive family, also we don't want a church wedding so we need to find a suitable place for the ceremony.

    The closest so far that can cater is Burghley House in Stamford, im going for a viewing at the end of March.

    Take care

  • I wanted to do it last year but didn't want to do it on my own. Trying to get my work colleagues interested this year, failing that, anyone else in the Plymouth area fancy it?? I'm not exactly fighting fit but I reckon all these months in the gym should help me!

    Corinna x
  • jaukjauk Posts: 718
    this is my 5th time doing the race for life, im not exactly the fittest of people, but i did it in 32 min!!! really pleased with myself, it is the taking part that counts, it is such an emotional day, i did it the firsrn year because a friend of mine who was only 29 at the time found out she had breast cancer( she is o.k now, THANK GOD!!! ) but it makes you sooooooo proud! you will have a great day....... even tho you may be sooooo knackerd. you go for it. jules xxxxxxxxxxx p.s good luck to all who are doing it i am doing it in rhyl, north wales.xxxx
  • Hi all,

    I did the race last year in Newcastle, also did the 10k run for cancer reserch at Alnwick Castle, and i'm not a runner, i hate running, but the cause is the reason i do them.

    Me and 3 colleagues are doing three 5k races this year, all for cancer research, we are doing the Newcastle, Gateshead and Durham race for life's.

    I've lost 3 Grandparents, one Uncle and a work colleague (and friend) to cancer, and h2b's mum is in remission and his granny is currently going through treatment so i've got a fair few reasons to want to help the cause!

    Good luck to all who are doing the run's, the day itself is brilliant, so emotional but also enjoyable. It doesn't feel like 5k, the 10k run was a bit of a mare, especially for someone who hates running!

  • Thanks so much for all your advice & replies... you girls are fab! I saw my Sis In Law today & she's reassured me that she'll get me through it... lol... & apparantly my 8 yr old niece is the one who'll be strolling in last! I've got 4 months to get a bit fitter & now the nights are getting lighter I'm going to get out in the real world a bit more... I go to the gym almost every day, but I am hopeless at running on the treadmill... I end up falling over my own feet! image

    Good luck to everyone doing the run where ever you are!!!!
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