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Oct 09 buddy needed for given up dieter!


I started dieting at the start of the year after weighing myself at 18 stone 2 and feeling so disgusted with myself I coudn't stop crying. I did really well and managed to get down to 16 stone 10 by mid February.

Since then I've not lost a single pound and am yo-yoing between binge days and starving days to stop putting any weight back on. I know I need to start properly again but feel I need a diet buddy.

I've tried WW in the past but hated sitting in a room of women talking about nothing but calories and points, especially when half of them were stick thin!

If anyone would like to join me I'd be really grateful for a friend!:\)


  • Hi Moolumpy

    I'm a Nov bride (nov 7th 09) so not long after you.

    I'm a crap dieter too so happy to be a buddy!. I'm following WW as well, I've been yo-yoing since last summer and have lost a grand total of 10lb image 5 lb of which is the past 2weeks, I have got my determination back since he proposed!!!

    I'm just under 14 stone and would love to get to 10st something for the wedding but I think 11st something is probably more like it for me

    Well done on your loss so far you have done well and I bet you can see a difference from when you started.

    speak soon I hope


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  • moolumpymoolumpy Posts: 179
    Hi there,

    I can see a difference which anyone would think would keep me going but being a greedy compulsive eater it's just so hard.

    I'm going to start trying again much harder, like I was at the start of the year, so here's hoping.

    Thought I might post my weekly weight loss so I know I have to keep going. If you'd like to join me that would be really good.
  • I'll join you on that! I'm useless at sticking at diets, hence I've done so pathetically since last summer but I just view it now that if I hadn't kept going to the class I would be even heavier than I am now.

    What day do you usually weigh in on?
  • dannyaultdannyault Posts: 301
    hiya! can i join in to please ladies? i started a diet buddy post too, im getting married sept 09 and have lost all motivation!

    ive been to tesco this eve stocking up on some 'healthy' food!

    if we all give our weigh ins once a week, im sure itll help with motivation and give us a kick up the bums! lol
  • Yeah another autumn dieter image

    I love Tesco's healthy range, its makes my life so much easier as its got WW points on which means I can work out how to stay on track.

    I'm a real savoury person and love to snack in the evening, there little bag of pretzels are lovely!
  • moolumpymoolumpy Posts: 179
    Hi there,

    I'm going to try for a friday weigh in - always do it in the morning, the scales are kinder then!! So I'll let you know how I do- which wasn't very good this weekend, went camping and had ots of sausages and ice cream, so just hoping to stay at 16.10 this week - here's hoping!! Good luck ladies!
  • will look out for your post on Friday then image you're brave camping this time of year! and theres plenty of time from now to Friday to lose some of the icecreamsimage

    I weigh in today, lost 1.5lb. I'm very happy as had a full roast dinner yesterday for mothers day (though my potatos were roasted seperately without oil) and I had more wine than I planned on Saturday night, so a very good weigh in really!

    makes it a total of 6.5 since engagement (past 3 weeks) and a total of 11.5lb all together.
  • dannyaultdannyault Posts: 301
    ill do my weigh in on friday too then, im doing slim fast for this week, started today and im going to go on the tredmill for half hour!

    x x
  • dannyaultdannyault Posts: 301
    ok didnt manage half hour! decided on doing a mile and trying to get it quicker each day so today i did a mile in 13 and half mins, tomorrow ill go for minus 30 seconds i hope!
  • well done on the treadmill :\)

    I need to start doing some exercise too but I'm not good at that :-S
  • dannyaultdannyault Posts: 301
    ok well heres my weekly weigh in

    today i am 10stone 13lb

    goal weight is 9stone

    hows everyone else going?

  • linpete1021linpete1021 Posts: 235
    Hey can i join please? I get married on the 23rd October in Cyprus. I want to lose at least 2 stone perhaps 2 1/2
  • moolumpymoolumpy Posts: 179
    hi there all, I stayed the same weight this week, which although isn't great is good enough for me after all I ate last weekend camping!

    Good luck for the week ahead!
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