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need tips on how to fit excercise in

I'm a size 12, pushing a 14 at the moment- and just want to lose maybe half a stone and tone up.

I get married next march so I've got time- in theory!!

But the thing is i work full time shift work and also have a 20 month old little boy who still doesn't sleep right through the night and I get up to him once or twice every night.

I feel like I don't have the time to excercise and when I do have the time all I want to do is sit down and put my feet up.

Just wondered if anyone in the same situation has any tips on how they get excercise into their life?

And i don't mean just going for a walk, cos I need some serious toning on my tummy, bum, thighs, arms, in fact pretty much all over!!!!


  • wraggy22wraggy22 Posts: 889
    Surprisingly exercise will give you more energy so although you don't feel like doing any if you do, it'll actualy make you feel better (if that makes sense) Is it just toning or weight loss? If leaving the house becomes an issue there really are some good exercise videos that are either fat burning high impact type stuff or free weight toning. I can't get round the feeling like you want to put your feet up - unfortunately that's all will power on your part! (and the hardest part at that!)
  • gguilfoylegguilfoyle Posts: 243
    Like you i'm getting married next march,and im trying to lose a bit of weight.Since having my last son 30 months ago ive just piled on the weight around my hips,tummy and thighs.Im a size 12-14 and would love to lose half a stone. i have recently joined a gym and my trainer has told me i need to combine cardio (treadmill,crosstrainer,exercise bike) exercises with weights to tone up after.Thats all well and good but its the snacking on junk during the day that is the problem.Ive done an hour of cardio and then gone home and eaten a bag of cadbury mini eggs!! It is all about will power just like giving up smoking.I weighed myself this morning and ive gone right back up to 11st 5,exactly what i was 2 months ago when i started.If i could give up the choccy and the crisps and continue with the gym im sure i could achieve my goal.

    Good luck and be determined.

  • jenott25jenott25 Posts: 39

    how many kids have you got? Do you work?- when do you go to gym? I'm very jelous- I would love to go to gym but don't know if I can afford it. Like you I'm rubbish with food- absoloutely no will power whatsoever!!! What is your target weight? I haven't even weighed myself for ages but I think I'm about 10stone 11lbs and would like to be closer to 10stone 0lbs.

    Think I'll have to get some good exercise videos and just get off my butt and do it!

    Anyone reccomend any good videos? I do want to lose some weight, but mostly toning. Main thing is I don't want flabby arms in my wedding dress or wobbly belly and thighs in my bikini on honeymoon.

    I just want to feel fit and healthy too - I feel so unfit!

  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    hi, i work shifts and have a 14 month old and 4 year old.

    i actually work in a gym so find it even harder to stay here after work...but i tend to exercise before a shift or after. i actually workout at a differant branch so i feel im not at work for even longer then travel in to work.

    i usually workout in the mornings when im on a later shift and on my day off i put the kids in crech and have a workout and sauna. i tend to workout 4 times a week and am going to start jogging on a sunday now its lighter in the evening so will be 5x a week.

    also like someone else said exercise does give you more engergy, i was in a rut where i had no energy and didnt exercise but dragged myselffor a workout and i have alot more energy now.

    just think if you have time to watch tv, you have time to workout.


    good luck.
  • jenott25jenott25 Posts: 39

    you put me to shame!! I'm really impressed that you can fit so much in.

    My h2b moans that we don't get much time together

    (do you get that problem?), as he works mon-fri and I work most weekends and during the week, so I don't think i'm gonna be able to do 5 x a week, but i'm gonna try 2-3!
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