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Dont know what im doing wrong!

I posted a while ago about extream dieting, where i was making myself ill and then stopped loosing weight all together. Since then ive started weight watchers, do davina super body workout twice a week and a dance class once a week. Ive been the same weight for the past month!! Im working my butt off to shift the weight but nothing is happening!

I thought maybe im building muscle instead but my measurements are also exactly the same! Please does anyone have any ideas? Ive never stuck to a diet this long to have experianced this before! Its starting to get me down coz im eating healthy, drinking more and exercising and i feel its all for nothing.

Any advice would be more than welcome! xx


  • Hi Princess-Bride,

    I can totally relate to that! My h2b is very serious about diet and training. He often says that if your diet isn't working anymore then you need to try small changes. You say you're eating healthy so I'd suggest trying to lower your carb intake slightly or reduce portion size slightly. This worked for me. Good luck and try not to give up, it'll be worth it! x x
  • mojo555mojo555 Posts: 388
    Try slimming wprld instead of weight watchers my cousin is doing that at present and has lost over 2 stone in a couple of months, you just dont mix carbs and meat, so you have green days and red days!

    Maybe try changing your workouts put in some really high intensity ones such as running or skipping (you should do this for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week) and do some sort of weight training (3 lots of 30 minutes), this really does help as it increases your metabolism!

    You should try to eat within a couple of hours of excercising as your metabolism is incresaed and you will burn it off quicker.

    Try The firm workouts they combine weights with cardio and toning and they really do work!

    Good luck xxx
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