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Pregnant !!!!!

Don't know if this is the correct place to post this message but it definatley conerns weight issues.

Stiry so far-

Getting married on the 8th Auguust 2007 and just found out that I'm pregnant, wasn't planned but cannot be unhappy about it, it fact me and HTB are chuffed.

Major concern is my weight however, I'm waiting for my dress to be delivered to shop (anyday now) and thus it has been paid for. Will it fit ? I'm going to be 28 weeks pregnant.


  • Congratulations!

    If it doesnt fit (having neve been pregnant I am no expert!) maybe the shop will be able to put some lacing in the back to give it a bit more room?
  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065
    hi laeh,

    congratulations on the pregnancy, was trying to think back to when i was pregnant and found a pic of me at 25 (on hols in a bikini image ) i dont look to big on it so hopefully you will be ok you could always ring the shop and ask them about ajustments to your dress and if not try find a dress maker in your area who could adjust your dress if necessary, good luck with everything.

    emma xx
  • Hi laeh,

    I was still in my jeans at about 23 weeks. However, everyones different and it will depend on the style of your dress.

    I would certainly speak to the bridal shop and ask their advice.

    Congratulations, remember to look after yourself and not be dieting to fit the dress lol

    Jules x
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  • Jules I'm glad you said everyones different! i was like an elephant by then!!

    But then for my second pregnancy I wasn't as big as the first time around even though 2nd baby was 1lb 4oz bigger!

    I'm sure they will be able to do something for you, put in a lace up back as lilacluce said.

    You need to be comfy and not at all restricted as it will be a long day!

    And CONGRATULATIONS on baby laeh!

  • congratulations!!! totally depends on the style of dress. dont want to be uncomfortable or too hot though. if the worst happens and it isnt going to be suitable, is there any way you can sell it to raise funds for another one? Good luck x
  • Congratulations!!! It does vary for different people - I was quite big by then but doesn't mean you will be!

    Speak to your shop as they'll be able to help

    Congratulations again!!

    when i was measured for my dress, the assistant did say to me, dont worry if you do put abit of weight on (which i have but intend to loose) but whatever you do dont get pregnant (we've already got to little girls and H2B as had the snip) but she said it would make it very difficult to alter the dress that much, i was quite big with both mine and they werent big babies, so you'll just av to wait and see, suppose it also depends on the style of your dress,

    Take care

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