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Diet buddy wanted - Summer 2010 Brides 3 stone to lose!


After a very stressful couple of months and eating whatever I like I have decided to get on with the wedding diet.

I used to lose weight quite easily, but as I have got older and having a stressful job have made it very very hard to lose the pounds.

Any one want to join me?


  • hey

    i started sliming world 3 weeks ago and i have lost 10lbs so far. It really is easy to follow and i am never hungry where as with weight watchers i was always looking for something more. you should have a look at their web page for a class round your area.

    I want to loose about 3.5stone so hopefully if i can keep things up the way they are going it will be long gone come next june.

    keep me updated!

  • Soon2bMrsESoon2bMrsE Posts: 204

    I started Weight Watchers this week, so far it is going quite well.

    I want to loose about 2-3 stone by my wedding in July 2010.

    Well done for loosing 10lbs Krystle050610! I didn't really like Slimming World, but it is different for everyone.
  • thanks mrs e

    ive tried weight watchers b4 and it would go well for the first couple of weeks and then i would get bored or i would have a night out and put on a pound or 2 probably because i drank too much and then could never get motivated to do it again. I think trying to get my head round the points aswell because even a piece of fruit is half a point so come the evening i wouldnt have anything left and just felt so hungry. I think i have found something that i am managing to stick too and not feel hungry all the time.

    Like you say though it all depends what suits each individual and if weight watchers is best for you then go for it. When are you ladies due to get married. Im not unti the 5th of june next year but so excited about it and wish it was this year apart from needing to shift the weight.

  • NeatsukNeatsuk Posts: 66
    Hi il join you! My wedding is Aug 2010 and I really need to lose about 11/2 stones. Im constantly picking or eating as I work with food and ive slowly piled on the pounds! Ive decided its time to start so its gonna be this wed 1st April xxx
  • hey neats

    well done!!

    i work with food too and know how difficult it can be. my weigh in is on a tuesday. keep us posted

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