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desperete fatty with 67 days to go!!!

i know ive left it really late, have been trying to lose weight but it just wont leave me!!!! i know its not healthy but i really need a quick fix! does anyone know of any tablets i can take or really good diets thats arnt rediculasly(sp) strict or expensive? thanks in advance! x


  • jldmbjldmb Posts: 115
    Slimfast!! Started it last month and me and h2b have lost a shedload of weight so far. Also try an exercise dvd - Claire Richards 5 step fat attack is fab. It is probably the best thing to do with not having long to go. Doing this I lost 8lbs in the first week. Good luck xx
  • what do you need to lose? does the dress fit?

    Id cut carbs, eat low fat/protein not much else!! good luck, x
  • x-MrsG2B-xx-MrsG2B-x Posts: 350
    Agree with Sarah Las Vegas, i left it too late too as July, but have lost 7lbs since last monday. I've jogged on wii fit for about 10-15 mins everyday, then eaten;

    natural yoghurt with piece of fruit for breakfast

    3 ryvita with low fat philly for lunch & fruit

    fruit in afternoon

    meat with veg and fruit for dinner

    and 2l water

    This time last week I was on here really fed up, i'm definitely feeling better about it this week. Plus, i hate doing sport, i get sweaty and there is fat sloshing around everywhere -But unfortunately it hurts to admit that after 10-15 minutes you do actually feel better - argggghhhhh there said it!

    Good Luck
  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    Pinky i have just started takin Adios Max def lost weight but waiting for it to be a week b4 i weigh myself but though for less then a tenner a month - worth a try !

  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    p.s 55 days for me - i do fit in the dress and but very little helps !
  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    by the way i have 55 days !
  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    Unfortunately there is no magic pill which will make you loose weight. The only thing that works is using your own will power.

    In 67 days though you could easily a stone or more depending on how much you have to loose.

    As a start you need to up your exercise.Try and do anything that increases your heart rate for long periods of time. This can be walking / running etc.

    Then obviously you need to stick to a healthy low fat diet.

    I would say everything in moderation but with only 67 days to go I would just go full throttle and eat nothing unhealthy for the next 2 months. It is only two months and just think of how you want to look in your dress.

    I have 117 days to go and I have banned all chocolate, crisps, cakes, sweets, cheese, butter, fried food and biscuits from passing my lips.

    I try to eat less carbs in the evening but have them for breakfast instead. (porridge)

    I think you should try your best as anything you can do will make you look slimmer on your wedding day so even a small thing is a bonus.

    Goodluck xx
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