It's time...And I am not telling anyone...x

Today I am not starting a diet... I am starting a healthy eating plan...

And I am not telling anyone! (Apart from you lot lol) The reason being, as soon as I tell anyone they start bringing in the cakes and biscuits! lol... I usually end up eating them all!...x

So todays the day... I have been good up to now and I am trying to work out what to have for my dinner tonight. I may even go for a run when H2B get's in as we have a young baby. He won't be back until 9 so I may wait until he's finished the late shift on Wednesday and just do 3 runs a week... I want something I can stick to...

My aim really is to lose a stone... If I lose more that will be great.

I know it's easter this weekend, but I am not thinking about it... I DON'T WANT THE CHOCCIES lol...

I want people to say WOW you look amazing... So here it goes.... "Day One"...

I will add my weigh in when I get in from work...xx image


  • Good for u hun!! hope it all goes well!

    I read a book once about diet and it says whenever u think u want something bad dont say i cant have it, say i am choosing not to have it!!

    Good luck hun! Wish i cud keep going with mine! always start well!! and no wat u mean, better when u dont tell neone!

  • How's the healthy eating and execise going?
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