all I'm doing is dieting!!!

I dont know about you lot but one of the things I'm looking forward too is the giant piece of chocolate wedding cake I'm going to have on the big day!!! heheh just had to get if off my chest

Whats the one thing your looking forward to after all this dieting?

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  • Hi,

    The main thing im looking forward to is becoming the wife to the man of my dreams x
  • PickleLily82PickleLily82 Posts: 1,913
    hmmm going shopping and being able to put whatever (within reason) i want in the shopping basket without thinking about my calorie intake!!

    also agree with the wedding cake, will be trying every tier!

  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    champagne gave up alcohol when started diet in January at this rate not going to take me much to be tipsy ha ha
  • yum every tier what flavours are you having?

    the man and wife part is a given I cant wait for him to see me looking my very best then saying our vows to each other but a lovely glass of champagne and a slab of cake will be a perfect end to a loving day! hehe
  • bluebilbybluebilby Posts: 198
    Not exactly answering the question but I really intend to not put weight back on, or not more than a few pounds. I love being a bit slimmer and am enjoying my clothes shopping sooooo much more! No more tears in shop changing rooms, lol. Gonna enjoy the food and drink on wedding day and honeymoon, then just try to stay in a good routine, without being too obsessive!
  • Enjoying two weeks on an "all inclusive" honeymoon when no doubt I will put most ot back on!!

    Joking aside, I am going to try so hard not to put it all back on because this is the best I have ever done on a diet... getting into a wedding dress is such a wonderful incentive, I want to get married every year!!!!

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