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Vegetarians doing slimming world

I finally joined last night could you give me some inspiration of menu ideas other than spag bol.chilli and lasagne?

Also do you veggies find it harder to loose weight eating carbs everyday?

What alternatives do you have to mullerlight yoghurts as they are not vegetarian?

Thank you for your help ladies


  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    hi im veggie and have been doing SW since jan and im half a pound off losing 2 stone so yeah it does work.

    i use the chicken quorn pieces in curries, mince in shepherds pie and chilli.

    SW chips are a god send and use them with sausgaes, burgers.

    coucous with the chicken pieces or the lamb mint steak or the peppered steak.

    the quorn chicken filets i through in pot with onions mushrooms herbs and tinned toms

    hope that helps if tou need any more ideas i have plenty hun

    as for yoghurts try the activia fat free they are veggie.

    there is a SW thread with motivation etc on here under new SW buddies if you want ot join us.

    i worried about being a veggie and following a diet but i find SW really easy
  • t1ff4n1t1ff4n1 Posts: 131

    Fab weight loss too! Reasons for slimming world really was because we are trying for a baby and i will be able to carry on with the plan if im pregnant.

    Do you do the curry from scratch? if so whats the ingredients?

    Are activia free?

  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    the FAT FREE activia are free so just make sure you pick the right ones.

    yeah make the curry from scratch i use garlic and fry off the onions and mushrooms and peppers then i add corrinander,cumin,turmeric,ginger and chilli and garam masala ( or if quick add curry powered instead) then i add the quorn and tinned toms put in spinach for H2B but not in mine gross also i have made it with lentils in and ground almonds add sins for the almonds, then i serve with boiled rice and mint yoghurt

    if you go on the SW website there are loads of receipes that maybe of help to start you off

    i recommend the chips and the pasta quiche is also yummy then some of the cakes are also nice if you have a sweet tough, crisps arent too bad if thats your thing

    if there is anything you need a hand with no problem.

    ooh who exciting trying for a baby there is a lady in my group who now brings her scans in
  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    i have been SW for a while and got to target last year - lost 1.5 stone and completely vegetarian (mostly vegan except yogurts, LOL!).

    It is an Atkins myth that carbs are fattening so you can fill up as much as you like.

    I have ASDA light yogurts instead of Muller light - they come in same flavours and same shape pots but have no gelatine in (and cheaper). Danone Lasting Satisfaction are also FREE.

    I wrote to Muller asking why their light yogs weren't veggie (as some of their full fat yogs are) but never had a reply!!

    Convienience food - Batchelors pasta n sauce (not all flavours syn =free but most are) and fat free super noodles. Obviously processed foods so not the best nutritionally balanced but ok on occasions.

    We use ASDA meat free mince instead of quorn (H2B is vegan and there is egg in quorn) which is also Free in our chilli's and spag bols. I also do a fab mushroom risotto but there are lots of receipes online on the SW website if you get the password from class each week.

    My sis did SW all through her pregnancy and is back at size 8 now (baby is 6 months). She's not veggie though! Lol
  • Mrs247Mrs247 Posts: 279
    Ladies, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!

    Am a veggie and was unsure about using SW as didn't know if they offered alternatives but this has REALLY helped!!! Think I might look into joining.

    Is it quite cheap to buy in all the right foods and stuff? Sorry if hijacking conversation - just really nice to find some slimming veggies! x
  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    hi Mrs247

    obviously all the fresh fruit and quorn is expensive so i just look out for deals like asda selling the sauages and lamb grills cheap at the mo so its case of looking out for deals but everything else is ok my shopping bill has only gone up because im eatin so much fresh fruit and veg and it goes off

    find it really easy to stick to loads of stuff tou can do and not restricted at all just learning what you can and cant do i also worried that it wouldnt suit a veggie but so wrong go for it
  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    fresh fruit and veg is only as expensive as buying decent meat and fish!

    Don't rely on veggie sausages etc as it's still junk food even if it's meat free junk food. It still has high syn values on SW.

    The point about SW (and being a veggie, IMO) is to get you eating less processed food not just substituting meat for non-meat substitutes. Its great to stuff your face on SW with veggies, tofu, potatoes, pasta, rice, quinoa, fresh fruit and yogurts and then add a bit of quorn or meat free mince to bulk it out a bit. You feel good about what you're putting into your body, and losing weight is a bonus! Go for it!
  • Mrs247Mrs247 Posts: 279
    Thanks so much for the encouragement, girls. It's great to find other people in the same situation! x
  • smwallsmwall Posts: 583
    Mrs247 how you getting on with your weight lose?

    got my 2 stone sticker last night so fab and easy to stick to
  • Mrs247Mrs247 Posts: 279
    The thing is, I'm not weighing myself because I find it makes me depressed!!! So I just judge on how well I can fit into my clothes. I am definately feeling slimmer. Am hoping to start dancing again soon too, which is something I used to really enjoy. I have an appointment at the gym tomorrow to start soem classes there. Haven't booked onto SW yet, but am trying out recipes online to get a taster (literally!). Hoping to be a size 14 by the new year, am an 18 at the mo.

    How about you? x
  • AmymoomooAmymoomoo Posts: 1

    Hi ladies , I was just wondering if any one has any veggie recipes that aren't expensive to make . or a week menu image im going to Uni in September and will be on a budget but want to start up on slimming world again . image

    any advice welcome

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