Feeling a bit down...advice needed

I am feeling a bit down about the prospect of my wedding oct 2010 but on the weight side of things. I am a 16-18 and have been for a while now. It seems to be a constant weight and i have ups and downs about it. Some day i feel faily confortable and happy. Other days i feel like i shud do summut about it.

Then with the wedding slowly approaching, and reading posts on YAYW, brides to be seem to be all geared to losing weight. My attitude was he proposed to me the size i am so i shouldnt have to diet. But then i have now got it into my head that i have to lose weight, i should lose weight to look my best for hubby to be.

Im really up and down about it and its driving me mad. And upsetting me.

What do people think? x x


  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    If you're happy with the way you are and healthy and H2B obviously is then don't bother losing weight.

    I'm not...i'm trying to maintain a steady weight rather than actively losing weight.

    I'm never sure why folk go on a diet just cos they're getting married....I know pple want to look their best but you don't have to become a different person overnight. Also some dresses need a few curves to look good....like the fishtail ones...they look nothing a on a bean pole.

    If you're happy, healthy and maintaining a constant weight that's all that matters. :\)

  • SummerBeetleSummerBeetle Posts: 478
    I'm not desperately trying to lose weight either, my dress is one that requires curves too (good excuse!) image

    I think that if you are happy then there is no need to change, I think all brides look beautiful in 'the' dress xx
  • mrsg2b_2010mrsg2b_2010 Posts: 1,259
    If you are happy at your size then there is no need, your h2b obviously loves you at that size anyway!! I'm a 16 but was a 14 when i met my h2b so just want to get down to that!!

    Have a good think about it and see where you come out at the end!
  • nowmrsobriennowmrsobrien Posts: 471
    Thanks ladies. Means a lot your words of advice. I just sometimes feel the fattest person in the world and h2b goes mad at me for saying that. I know he loves me. I just feel a lil of extra pressure is im honest because he is int he forces and super fit. Got a body to die for and i feel people will look and him and me and think 'why is he with her'.

    i really dont know whether im being silly or not?????

    cant shake the feeling of downness image x x
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