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loose a stone in a week <3 =0

i have been on a weeks plan i found put on here ages ago and i have lost 13lb woop wooop xximageimage


  • carlytrevattcarlytrevatt Posts: 2,040
    Wow that is a lot! What plan you on? x

    Sorry forgot to add on saying congrats on you weight loss x

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  • OMG, that is fab.......

    As if you lost 13lb in a week... I gotta do this diet lol

    Please share x x x

    BREAKFAST- 1 slice dry toast & grilled tomatoes

    LUNCH - fresh fruit (any amount)

    DINNER - 2 hard boiled eggs salad & grapefruit


    BREASKFAST- grapefruit 1 boiled egg

    LUCH- grilled chicken breast & tomatoes

    DINNER- grilled steak salad


    BREAKFAST- grapefruit 1 boiled egg

    LUCH- 2 hardboiled eggs & tomatoes

    DINNER- 2 lamb chops celery & cucumber


    BREAKFAST- 1 slice dry toast & 2 poached eggs

    LUNCH- fresh fruit

    DINNER- 2 hard boild eggs salad & grapefruit


    BREAKFAST- 1 slice dry toast & 2 poached eggs

    LUNCH- 2 poached eggs & tomatoes

    DINNER- fresh/tinned fish salad


    BREAKFAST- 1 hard boiled egg 1 glass grapefruit juice

    LUNCH- fresh fruit ( any amount)

    DINNER- chicken cabbage carrots & grapefruit juice


    BREAKFAST- 2 scrabled eggs & tomatoes

    LUNCH- 2 poached eggs & spinich

    DINNER- steak salad


    black tea, black coffee, lemon tea, grapefruit juice, water.

    eat only what is show or do without. no longer for 2 weeks at a time gd luck xx

  • Wow, that doesnt seem to bad really. Might be put off eggs for a while but hey if I can loose even 7lb then im in..... Thanks for sharing x
  • its realy not bad at all. and because ur usin eggs in diffrent ways it dusnt get borin. i found it so easy n normaly im a really big eater n i pick all day. im going 2 healthy eat for 3 weeks n then do this again so in effect goin to do it once a month. keep us posted if u decide 2 do it we can all help and support each other xx
  • Yeah that sound like a good idea. Cant be good for you doing it all the time, once a month is great!

    How exciting, when I go shopping I will have to write up a shopping list and have a go. Will let you know how I get on.

    Thanks, speak soon x
  • yer defo give it a go. look 4ward 2 hearin frm u. x
  • carlytrevattcarlytrevatt Posts: 2,040
    Wow that doesn't sound bad...i am going to try this and like you do it once a month! Will start next Monday as got my food for this week. Thanks for sharing x
  • I am doing this, it's day four and Ive lost nearly 7lb. Its really okay. Don't know if it will stay off though, going to be healthy and step up exercise - perhaps mummy2coby can let us know? x
  • nowamrsmnowamrsm Posts: 304
    i would like to give it a go too but i dont like fish can i replace it with something else??
  • carlytrevattcarlytrevatt Posts: 2,040
    Just a quick question, did you ever want to pick at food? did it fill you up? xx
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    A word of advice - these "diets" are actually desingned to pretty much drain you of water, and the majority of people will find that what the lost from it will actually creep back on once they stop doing it and fluids are replaced in their bodies.

    All very well if it works for you, and you keep the weight off, but I just thought I'd make people aware xxxxx
  • Will you let us know hoe you get on after you get back to eating 'normally' again after the diet. Would be interested if the weight stays off x
  • wow thnx 4 all the respnsis. tinkerbellwings it did fill me up and i am a big eater the eggs fill u up especially boiled ones. i just had 2 get my head around the fact tha i was comfortably full n nt so full i was feelin sick which is what i normaly wuld do. my head was sayin i really fancey something 2 snack on bt wen i sat n fort i wasnt actually hungrey at all its tryin 2 get rid of ur bad eatin habbit. i love this diet.

    mrsmorton2be it says u have got 2 eat what i there because its 2 do with chemicals. only thing i an suggest is 2 just have salad. i must add ur nt suposed 2 use salad dressing bt i used vineger salt n pepper keep us posted ladies we all here 2 help. knot i am doin this once a month till i have reached my goal n then im simply gna healthy eat n carry on excersising i no as soon as i start eating bad things i will put weight on this is my chance 2 change my life and a new way of eating xx

  • What does the term "salad" mean in the diet as I don't want to do it and add the wrong ingredients.

    Thanks so much
  • lettuce celery and cucumber, but as you can see tomatoes are allowed. x
  • dont eggs give you high cholesterol? 13lbs cannot be all fat loss surely? mostly water I would say
  • missapjmissapj Posts: 668
    am going to start this tommorow. hope i lose as much weight as u.
  • I'd use this as a jumpstart...but I hate eggs!

    Thanks for sharing, and congrats on weight loss.

    I know everyone bad mouths it, but I lost 8lbs in two weeks on the Atkins introduction diet (didn't put it back on), didn't have any of the sideeffects either! xx
  • yea its lettuce cucumber celery & toms.

    gd luck missapj its caled a stone in a week diet so shld loose that or therbouts. keep us posted on how u get on. can write a daily blog if it helps i found it nice 2 talk 2 ppl that were doin it or have dun it 4 a bit of support! xx
  • This is the grapefruit diet from the older brides forum and also has been resurrected on this weight loss forum. I tried it twice last year and lost a fair bit both times, but as it's impossible for the weight to have been all fat, (you physically have to burn 3500 cals off your body either through exercise or lack of food to get rid of 1lb of fat) i put weight back on again as soon as i started to eat normally, my normal diet is healthy and i exercise, but i had a vice of drinking wine and having the occasional pig out on take aways. I'm now following a healthy plan and exercising like a demon and have managed to shed 7lbs in the last two weeks, and now aim to lose 1-2 lbs a week. I found when i was on the grapefruit diet that i was feeling a bit weak and wobbly and was unable to undertake my normal level of exercise ( i try to run 5 miles at a time) as i was feeling faint. As long as you use it as a short term kick start it is fine to do, but don't do it long term or your body will think you are starving it and you will do long term damage to your metabolism.

    Good luck xx
  • thnx 4 ur reply titian. im going 2 do it omce a month 2 kickstar the first couple months of my diet i wnt 2 loose as much weight as poss by june 4 my holiday. wen i cm bk i will b healthy eatin n excersiin n lay of this diet 4 a while gd luck on ur weightloss xx
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    I would love to do this diet, but I don't like grapefruit or tomatoes...unless I use a tin of chopped tomatoes and stirred in some curry powder would that be allowed?
  • Hello

    On the diet it says steak salad, fish salad etc.... what does the salad consist of and what are the portion sizes, sorry for the questions just want to get it right. Thanks so much x
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    It does sound like a good way to kick start any diet, was just wondering though what bread do you use for the dry toast?!
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    oh and do you have to drink lemon tea, tea, coffe and grapefruit juice could i just stick to water? and one last thing i promise can you keep half of the grapefruit for later on or do you have to stick to the food in the exact order?!

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  • Salad is lettuce cucumber and celery. You can drink anything from the list, it doesn't need to be all three. And I used wholemeal bread.

    I have stopped it now as I have picked a bug up from my son, and I have run out of eggs lol but I would do it again. I lost just over seven pounds in four days. x
  • yep exactly what knot sed lol.

    aw well dun hun tats fab! hope u n ur son gets well soon!! feel free 2 ask as many questions as u cn think of we will do our best 2 answer them xx
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    Sorry i have another question, can you add sugar to the grapefruit, and can you keep half of the grapefruit for the end of the evening??!
  • lol! no u cnt add anything and u have 2 eat wen it says u cnt save things 4 l8a. xx
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