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My 12 reasons for losing weight

Hi girls,

I pin my 12 reasons for losing weight to my Kitchen cupboard and I feel it really helps me with my weight loss. I've lost almost 4 stone since 1st Jan 2009 Also, thought it would be a good threat for everyone to add their reasons and hopefully inspire others. Here is my list.....

Lose weight so I can fit into my wedding dress.

Lose weight to feel healthier.

Lose weight so my blood pressure will go down.

Lose weight so I will not break a toilet seat when leaning to one side. (it's happened to me twice!!)

Lose weight so my back will stop hurting.

Lose weight so I can have other choices than Plus sizes.

Lose weight so I don't look like the fat sister in photos.

Lose weight so I never need to worry that no-one will want to sit next to me on a bus as there's not enough room.

Lose weight so I don't feel self-conscious during sex.

Lose weight so I don't need to cut size labels off my clothes incase anyone see's.

Lose weight so no-one can ever call me a -big girl' ever again.

Lose weight so I can get on with the rest of my life!!!!!

Di x x


  • nzecevicnzecevic Posts: 1,206
    good for you! well done for the weighloss so far. the confidence in yourself and body after losing weight is well worth it!
  • Lose weight to prove i can achieve something i put my mind to.

    Lose weight so that my SIL2B will have no ammunition left

    Lose weight so i can wear what i want, when i want

    Lose weight for that guy, that venue and that dress!


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  • Well done everyone and i agree with all the points (including the toilet seat!)

  • MrsRWMrsRW Posts: 162
    Thanks natz1010 image

    Melsmac - thanks for your contribution. The last one put a huge smile on my face.

    Hi WeddingMonster. Phew so I'm not the only one thats damaged a toilet seat, heehee. Also I never admitted it was me on both occasions! Was soooo embarrassed

    Di x x

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