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  • Hi aqua1,

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling like giving up. I go to WW as well, and help out at my class. A lot of people think that the helpers are paid or employed by WW but that's not the case. Helpers don't have to pay for their weigh-in but are busy for the majority of the class, and miss a lot of what's going on as a result. Remember that they're just members of the class like you, but volunteer their time so that the class can run.

    If you're not feeling supported in your class, you should speak to your leader about how you're feeling - you may find that she's responsive to that. Is your leader not weighing class members herself? Our class operates at least two scales, one of which is manned by our leader, and a member always has the right to wait to be weighed by the leader.

    Best of luck! :\)
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