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weight watchers....

I'm starting weight watchers tonight.... any tips?


  • Whooo, track EVERYTHING and do excersise.

    Good luck ...i'm getting back on track today.

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    I agree - TRACK EVERYTHING!!!

    I have only been doing it for about 2 months.... i only really needed to loose about a stone and have lost 12.5lbs already.

    I can't reccommend it enough.... I eat more now than i did before when i was trying to diet......

    I LOVE the WW food aswell....... homemade lemon drizzle muffins - 1/2 point YUM x

    good luck with your ww.... x
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    If you type Weightwatchers all as one word, it takes 4 letters out of the middle which spell T W A T !! But if you do it like this:


    it shows as it should be!!

    Bamba xx
  • That's brilliant summer10bride well done!!




  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    For those who didn't know how I did it, I highlighted part of the middle of the word and put a colour change on it, making it black so it still all matched. If you type a well-known town like Scunthorpe, it does the same thing but if you type:


    ..... in the same way I've described above, it will show the proper word as it SHOULD read!

    Now, getting back to the point of this thread ..... For those of you joining WW, you can find FREE recipes of theirs on this weblink - loads of them!

    I joined WW several years ago but quit because I found the meetings boring. I lost about 1???? stones whilst I was a member. The diet works just as well without attending the meetings. I also found that many of the members, happy to discover they'd lost X number of pounds since their last attendance, got fish & chips on the way home as a "reward".

    It's the group effort that probably makes WW so successful. If you lose lots of weight and get down to your goal weight and manage to maintain it, they'll offer you a job with them.

    My Auntie joined a slimming club run in her local Community Centre - not WW or the other well-known one (Slimming World?) just something run cheaply for local persons wanting to lose weight. My mother joined something similar being run in a Church Hall near our home. After the members were each weighed and had their diet guidance talk, then they all had exercises! Naturally, the weekly meetings were all the more interesting for this. I seem to remember that the one my mother went to had a lady playing the piano whilst the members did their physical jerks!

    I don't know what WW is like nowadays (it was about 1995 I joined) but when I was with them, they just weighed each person and then there was a "talk" and the members discussed with the Group Leader various hints, tips and funny stories all aimed at encouraging & guiding each other to lose weight. In my time there was NO exercise session. I've been a gym member a couple of times since then and of course, at the gym, there are no weight loss/diet talks. They DO weigh and measure you but only to log this on your gym membership documents. And I found the weighing was only once per month.

    So whilst I would never say WW was a waste of time, it can be rather expensive when there may well be a local slimming club near you where they do more with the members and are also cheaper! Check it out! I appreciate that some VERY overweight, unfit and self-conscious people might not like to be stretching and bending in a room full of other people and of course with Weight Watchers, men as well as ladies join and there could well be modesty/embarrassment issue with the opposite sex!

    One of the most important things I discovered from going to WW is that when Christmas or celebration times approach (e.g. a wedding), you need to make a choice! It's OK to indulge once in a while (not too often, mind!) but you need to decide on your priorities. Decide whether you're going to pig out on the food OR if you'd rather "spend" your indulgence calories on alcohol! Alcohol carries a whole lot of calories/points. Are you carrying excess weight because you love your FOOD? Or because you love your DRINK??

    Best of luck everyone!!

    Bamba xx
  • good luck with ww. i have my wi tonight, havent eaten since 12, im starving. After wi, i always have a treat. tonight i will go to the chippy where several other members wil be aswell lol

    stay for the meetings, at least the first few. Sign up to monthly pass. It works out cheaper and because you pay in advance, it encourages you to keep going. exercise and drink loads of water
  • ive always had a treat on wi and lose every week. I find that if i have my treat to look forward to it helps me stick to my points all week. My friend does it as well and she had lost 6st since jan.

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  • ive been losing 2-3lbs a week and got in trouble last week for losing to quickly lol
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