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Fit Flops


Wondered if anyone had tried these and if they work? I know they have now brought out fit flop boots and was thinking of buying some. I go to the gym alot anyway but was gonna start walking more to try and and tone up a bit more. xxx


  • LJ69ukLJ69uk Posts: 157
    hi i bought a pair wore them everyday for 2 weeks whilst on holiday in the summer (did alot of walking). I had a very slight difference but not sure if these were due to fit flops or the amount of walking i did. They are very comfy though!
  • I have heard they do b ugger all!
  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    My mum got us ones from avon which are about £40 cheaper and she has lost inches off each leg and you can really see it and they have improved her posture...I got them a week ago but its too cold! x
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