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SW Extra Easy - Are recipes free??

Hi ladies

Just started doing extra easy this week and wondered are all the recipes in the 7 day plan free... i am looking @ doing med chicken and cous cous tonight and wondered if it was free as it doesnt have any amounts to use??

Thanks xx


  • Yes if they are in the 7 day plan in the mag or in the Extra Easy cookbook they should be free! image

  • thanks princess, cant wait to shift some weight. do u know where i can get the extra easy cookbook?? x
  • LJSuk1LJSuk1 Posts: 673
    hia, I got mine from my class, could look on Ebay? they tell you if they are free or if they have syns (eg if breadcrumbs on top to crispen) xx
  • I got mine from group aswell but think you might be able to buy them on the SW website?

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