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Just signed up for Weightwatchers

Hi everyone.

Have just signed up for weightwatchers and have my first meeting tonight. Did it 2 years ago and lost quite a lot of weight but it has all started piling back on in the last couple of months.

Don't need or want to loose loads of weight. Just under a stone and I will fit into my wedding dress.

Wish me luck.

Any other weightwatcher brides.



  • nowvickyjnowvickyj Posts: 312
    Have just worked out why it has starred some of the word. Made me giggle as I would never have thought of that.

  • MelMMelM Posts: 1
    I'm a weight watcher bride! Only 9 more lbs to lose! Though I have opted for laces at the back of my dress in case Ihave a relapse the week of the wedding! LOL! Good luck with your weight loss, a wedding dress is the perfect incentive! And yes, quite funny that it starred the letters! HEHE! image
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