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Loving SW, share your recipes, tips and experiences!!!

Hi ladies i started slimming world this week and am LOVING it, i cant believe you can eat so much!!!! Was wondering you had any great recipes and handy tips and experiences for me?!

I tried a wonderful Butternut squash soup recipe today (which is free on all eating plans)!!!

You Need:-

1 butternut squash, peeled deseeded and diced

1 chicken oxo/ bovril cube

1 pepper deseeded and sliced

Onion chopped

Salt and Black pepper

1 1/2 pint of hot water

Chives (optional)

To cook:-

Dissolve oxo cube into hot water

Add butternut squash, onion and pepper with salt and pepper (and chives), boil till soft

Blend until smooth

It was a fantastic starter!!!! image


  • oooo may have to try that. NickiP has a good recipe for chocolate cake on her thread. I've found one for syn free lemon curd and another for syn free rice pudding on the facebook group - i'll put them up when i find them x
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    Oh is there a facebook group?! Will have to have a look for it!!!!
  • JWlovesWNJWlovesWN Posts: 1,548
    For dinner tonight I had the yummiest Beef Casserole

    340g Lean stewing beef , diced

    2-3 sticks of celery, chopped

    2 carrots, diced

    1 onion, chopped

    227g swede, diced

    340g cabbage, shredded

    1pint beef stock made with bovril

    Salt & Pepper to season

    Chop it all up chuck in a casserole dish put in oven for 2. 5 hours.

    I did mine on the hob, bought to the boil reduce to simmer put the lid on and left it for an hour perfect.

    Free on Original
  • gemncalgemncal Posts: 1,210
    ohh that sounds lovely, i really cant believe that this diet will work it goes against everything you have been told about dieting!!!
  • JWlovesWNJWlovesWN Posts: 1,548
    It does I have lost 2 stone 10lbs, my mum has lost 3 stone 9.5lbs to get to target (it took a year) my dad has lost nearly 4 stone in 8months ( he does it at home he is too tight to pay £4.50 a week) lol
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