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Can you still lose weight on your period??

I have posted this at the bottom of my other post but think i'd post a seperate post for it.

I am just wondering whether you can actually gain weight on your period and approximately how much weight do you gain when its your time of the month.

I currently weigh 10.6 1/2 and wondered whether this will change at all when i have finished the yucky time of the month.

Thanks ladies


  • mandi-loumandi-lou Posts: 847

    I've lost weight on my period but do know some people can gain. I guess due to bloating. I think it could possibly be a pound or 2. Sorry, not much help really! x
  • thanks mandi - hopefully i'll be someone that gains so i can lose it again when its done.

  • HuniibumpHuniibump Posts: 3,913 New bride
    I usually "gain" about 1-2lb during my period week but it's due to water retention and bloating so it's not really weight if you know what I mean. As soon as my periods finished the 1-2lb will have gone again

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  • I agree with huni, i always gain but its mainly just bloated-ness rather than actual weight!!
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