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I am a member of slimming world and I really enjoy the diet. However I really struggle with what to have for lunch!

So can anyone recommend some good lunch time meals, i work so it would have to be something i can buy or prepare in advance.

Looking forward to hearing all your ideas


  • hi excited2bMrsB

    i tend to have batchelors pasta 'n' sauce sachets for lunch - you can do this at work if you have a microwave.

    at one point i had sandwiches on wholemeal bread (taken as a healthy extra).

    the ham roll ups from the free menu plan on the website are pretty good too.

    how about a tuna salad with some extra light mayo?
  • JAG22ukJAG22uk Posts: 197
    ohh i'll try the pasta for when i have a green day.

    I do like salads but now the weather is getting colder i fancied something a bit warmer!

    I have been having soup but i put on this week, so i thought i would find out the syn value I was so shocked. Heinz Spring Vegetable soup has 7 syns in it!!!! I now know why i put on!

  • there's a few soup recipes on the website -

    they all look lovely. hope that helps. i'm a total pasta fiend though. also, there's a red/green 7 day menu plan in this month's mag that you may be able to get some ideas from x
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