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I finally joined WW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well after trying to lose weight by myself I finally admitted defeat last night and joined weight watchers!!

I lost a stone by myself but cannot lose the last stone/stone and half.

I weighed in last night at 10 stone (i was 11 stone 2)

and my goal is 8 stone 10 - 9 stone

I would love to lose a stone by christmas if its do-able???

still trying to get my head round the points system but I am sure i will eventually.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thanks xxx


  • nowvickyjnowvickyj Posts: 312
    well done for taking the plunge. I am a ww girl and think it works well. Have you joined with monthly pass? Think that's best value and then you get to use the internet tools to calculate points etc. good luck. xx
  • Hi, thanks for the reply, no I didnt join on monthly pass but am going to on my next weigh in. xx
  • hey

    i took the plunge on monday as well, i'd been trying to do it myself too but not getting anywhere.

    Have my next weigh in on monday morning.

    i'm still trying to get my head round the points too, and to be honest i haven't been writing everything down this week either, there is so much to get your head around, so not sure how this week will have gone but i'm determined to get the weight off.

    i think i'll be getting the monthly pass soon.
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