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I need some advice on the best way to tone up the tops of my arms and the bulgy bit by the boobs (you know the bit the stops strapless dresses looking amazing!).

I need to tone them up in a month (not for wedding but a ball image).

The only thing is I need to be careful with my back as i have recovering slipped disc so press ups are out...

Any good ideas?



  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Working on this one myself at the moment...

    For the 'sleeavge', I've been recommended to do pec fly (lie on a bench, take light-ish weights and hold out to the side level with your chest, raise arms upwards and together untl they are together above chest, return to start) A killer but it does work.

    To help this you also need to tone the backs of your arms & upper back. You can do tricep kick-backs, lateral pull-downs, upright row, bicep curls & shoulder raises.

    Be careful with your back- I'd really seek professional advice before changing your workout routine as you'll need to rely on your back for a lifetime, not worth wrecking it for one ball!

    Good luck x
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