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Tummy issues-help!

I need to sort my belly out-have a very bad pot-belly after a couple of years of being on meds and eating far too many cakes/chocs and no exercise. It's not just me-FH and my Mum are honest bless them and admit it's very very noticeable.image I put on quite a lot of weight, almost all of which has ended up across my middle.

Since I came off the meds a couple of months ago I've really cut down on the cakes and am eating more sensibly, but still don't exercise. It's really getting me down that I can't wear most of my clothes as I look pregnant (which would be OK if I WAS...) The rest of me is really slim so it looks really bad as it's so out of proportion.

I want to shift the belly-I don't want an ironing board tummy or anything but I just want to shift it enough that I can wear my clothes again. I was thinking of taking up running say 3 times a week-nothing excessive but enough that I get regular exercise. I don't want to go on a diet as my weight is actually OK for my height, it's just it's distributed horrendously! Does anyone have experience of whether running will help me?

The thing is, I am worried that t he running will make me lose weight all over and I REALLY don't want to lose weight on my bum, shoulders/boobs etc as absolutely don't need to from there. I don't want to look too skinny in my dress and although I have a big belly my Mum says I look lovely in my dress (obviously cos it pulls my tummy in so I look really sleek!) I guess because I look good in my dress NOW I'm scared I'll lose weight all over and not look as good in it! Wedding isn't 'til next summer.

What do you guys think? With just the exercise, would it work? THanks for any advice.:\)


  • If I eat carbs I bloat up and look pregnant, try cutting out al bread, pasta, rice and potatoes for a week and you will see a huge difference to your tummy and your chin (or at least this is where I see a big difference) gotta be worth a shot though. Failing that have you thought about having some liposuction? I had this done a few years ago, andit has created a fantastic difference to the shape of my body.

    Exercise will make you loose weight from all over unfortunately.

    Good luck though xxx
  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    hi there.. i agree with the above post, cutting out "bad carbs" really works for me, as its not just about fat when you store it around your belly, its about hormone balance which in woman sadly often results on storing of fat around the middel. try switchin to wholegrains only or get yourself a copy of the south beach diet. running is a brill way to burn calories but if you are anything like me, it will come of your tummy last. you cant target weight loss areas, but certainly i can notice my podgey belly flatten within a week if i do the above. let us know how you get on..
  • Maybe try pilates to tighten your core. I know I let it all hang out so trying to do pilates to tighten things up. It improves posture as well which can make you appear slimmer.
  • Thank you everyone! I won't cut out carbs totally as I think they are a vital food group but I think I will definitely cut down on the 'bad' ones! I never thought about pilates-is it more toning rather than losing weight with them?

    Decided not to run at the mo as I don't want to lose weight all over seeing as my dress suits me as I am now. But I will definitely take up walking-if I walk back from work at a brisk pace it's about 35 mins I reckon which say 3 times a week initially is a decent exercise!

    THanks for all the advice x
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