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Alizonne Diet?


Anyone ever done the alizonne diet?

If so did it work? Did you keep the weight off? How much did it cost each week?

It looks really effective from what i've seen, and i can't find any bad reviews of it. I reckon on this diet it would take me 4 months to lose my weight. Seems quick!

However i am aware that it might be one of those diets that a) costs a fortune and then b) you just put the weight back on anyway as you don't learn new good habits.

Need to make my mind up as to whether to go for it or not - the initial consultation is £85 you see! Thats a lot isn't it, and there's no use spending it if i don't think i'll end up continuing with it. Its making me think that the rest will be quite expensive. So if i want to do it i'm going to have to look at getting a 2nd job to pay for it.


  • Sorry hun but that is utterly excessive and they are exploiting people who want to lose weight.

    Have you ever tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World. These don't cost anything like that cost and they work! I have been on Weight Watchers several times before and each time I have done really well. Not on it now due to being pregnant but it does work. Weight loss is essentially down to the individual though, you have be 100% committed to yourself and losing the weight for you. The reason Weight watchers and Slimming world are good is because they do teach you good habits and ways to maintain the weight loss, again, if people gain weight after a good loss that is usually down to the person completely coming away from the diet they have been doing unless it was a nasty extreme diet which wouldn't substain anyone!

    So my advice would be stay away from Alizonne. There are so many ways to lose weight hun, its down to you and how much you want to do it, too many lazy people (not all are lazy, I am aware of other situations, but the majority can't find the will power) out there who say they want to lose weight but when it comes to the crunch they haven't got the will power. Although it shouldn't be that difficult, all should be eaten in moderation and with some exercise its not really that difficult.

    Wish you the best of luck.

    NJ x
  • nata_mccnata_mcc Posts: 810


    I agree that these types of diets aren't great for the long term - learning new habits is very much so the most important thing. People get fat because they eat more calories than thier bodies use - its a fact!

    BUT i believe that a lot of people remain over weight because of confidence issues, and food addiction really.

    I've been to weight watchers, and slimming world, and while they work for a while they don't seem to help me personally long term.

    And i don't think they promote totally healthy diets either - i never eat crisps, sweets or cakes when i'm off a diet but on weight watchers its allowed, even promoted! And slimming world doesn't promote portion sizes as it allows you to eat as much of certain things as you like.

    BOTH diets use body weight and BMI as measurements as well, which is flawed as what is important is % body FAT reduction. Sometimes people diet and lose muscle, which is very bad. Look at weight lifters as well - weigh loads, but very healthy with low body fat. Doesn't make sense.

    So I think different things work for different people.

    Food is almost like an addiction to me. Unlike alcohol or drugs, you can't avoid food though! You HAVE to eat each day. Its everywhere you go, and its cheaply avaliable

    I don't eat many bad foods, i eat 3 times a day. I drink enough water, i just seem to mindlessly eat - portions too large, snacks i completely forget about. That kind of thing.

    So i think this kind of programme can have its merits for someone like me - but in an unusual way. By doing this, you completely lose freedom of choice in what you eat as they provide all of the food. There's no option is there - there's no opportunity to snack unless they provide one for you. Its so strict, that i think this type of programme is meant to break the cycle of habits.

    People are overweight for different reasons as well - its unfair to label everyone as lazy. Low confidence can do a lot of damage to people you know, if you've been overweight a long time then you might find it hard to stick to a diet - to acheive a goal you have to believe that you will do. You have to be motivated by the future achievement. I really struggle with that myself, no matter how hard i try i can't imagine being slim. It really hampers me.

    BUT I'm definately not a lazy person - i'm actually much more proactive than most people i know - and i have immense willpower. I work full time, part time and study on evenings. I owned my first property by 20 years old, i had my first business by 22. Believe me I'm really persistent!

    But everyone has a weakness, and mine is my belief in losing fat. Its ridiculous - i only have 4 stone to lose tops - but unexplicable. I think its something a lot of long term overweight people feel.

  • Hi Nataiejane, please don't misunderstand me, I said a lot of people trying to lose weight and can't are lazy and when I say lazy I don't mean physically lazy, I mean getting their heads around the focus that is required to diet. I completely agree there are many issues also involved in problems with losing weight as I stated in my initial response.

    Again you are also right in saying different things work for different people but I still believe these kind of diets are excessively priced and exploit people wanting to lose weight. I believe if you truly want to lose weight and don't suffer with underlying issues such as self confidence in a big way you can do it by following a healthy diet and exercising reguarly. WW is how an individual takes it, there are some that cannot go with out their snacks or treats so WW just makes it easier for them but in no way have I experienced them inprinting it on everyone as a must do. I don't understand why it wouldn't work for someone long term, it teachs you how to eat healthily, it teaches you that you portion control with carbs and protein and then you can fill up on healthy foods such as fruit and veggies, so I dont really get where you are coming from on that, it even tells you how many points to eat each day in order to lose weight. If you chose not to stick to that then how do you expect to lose weight or if maintaining, to maintain. I really don't want to cause offence but there are a lot of dieters out there that expect diets to do it all for them and it simply doesn't work like that, a diet will work with the effort that you put in to it, so little effort little or no loss!!

    I still wish you all the best and if you want and can afford to go on this diet good luck and fair play!

    NJ x
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