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A year ago today...

...john proposed! This morning he had 24 red roses delivered to the door!

I love him so much!

And now its a year to go exactly until we get married!!!

Weight wise

Start weight : 11 stone 10

Current weight: 9 stone 4

Target weight: 8 stone 7

2 stone 6 lost

11 pounds to go!!



  • Well done!!!!!!!! good luck with the last 11 pounds!!

    Mine was a year ago tomorrow image
  • Well done and good luck with those last few pounds, loved your other thread and it has given me some much needed motivation image xx
  • MrsRWMrsRW Posts: 162
    What a lovely fiance you have image and congrats on the weight loss Melsmac x x
  • I am very lucky to have him.

    #so glad you liked the other thread, i havnt been on it as much because for the past couple of weeks, when i go to post something and submit it, it disappears! So it drove me slightly insane!

    Lost another 2pounds and my BMI is officially healthy weight!!!

    9pounds to go!!

  • Oh and happy one years engagement to butterflybeau!!! xxxxxxxxx
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