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ive made a start

hi just to share my story really,

i have joined weight watchers and i have made a start to loose weight i have lost 9 n half pound in my first 4 weeks and i am soooooo pleased with myself i know that every half pound makes a difference and i am sooooooo focused to stick to it i have over 2 yrs till my wedding i have short term goals to like a 18th party and a wedding to go to in feb so i will see the benifits and i hope this will keep me on track also i keep looking at dresses just pics of and i am refusuing to try any on until the sept before my wedding so that i dont get into thinking well it looks nice on me now so why loose the weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Good on you! There are loads of lovely ladies on here to give you support, encouragement, and pick you up when you have a blip.... Sign up for one of the groups and celebrate your success every week as more pounds slip off!
  • Well done, thats great. U should definately be proud of yourself. You sound very motivated and enthusiastic. Keep up the good work. And like WineWoman says, there's various groups within this message board, so join one and we can celebrate your successes and help you stay on track on those not so good days x
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