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Has anyone tried cutting out carbs???

Hey there,

I am in the last month of planning and need to lose about 10/11lbs, although would be happy with 5/6lbs. I am trying to cut out carbs for the last month - haven't eaten any since Monday, so that's 4.5 days so far and feel a bit thinner, but weigh the same as before (!).

I'm not doing the Atkins diet as I am still eating fruit and veg, but have cut out all bread, pasta, potatoes, rice etc. so just eating meat, fruit, veg and dairy.

Has anyone else done this before and if so, what type of result have you had?




  • Hi! I'm not on a 'diet' as such, I just dont eat comples carbs in the evenings (so no potatoes, pasta, bread etc with dinner or afterwards). I've found this has let me lose weight steadily.

    5/6lbs in a month is easily do-able if you can be quite active. They say 1-2lbs per week is healthy and maintainable. In theory cutting out 500 cals (food & drink wise) per day (x 7 means 3500 cals over 7 days = 1lb of fat) should lose you a pound per week, then add some exercise each day and depending on how much you do, you could lose 2lbs per week. Whatever you do don't give in to the temptation to crash diet! Been there, seen it, done it and it SUCKS!!!

    Hope everything goes well - you can do it!

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  • Hey nearlysmith, thanks for your reply. how long have you been avoiding carbs for and is this just in the eve or all day? have you found that it has made a difference?


  • I started cutting out carbs when I was living in spain, probably april/may this year. From then up until I got back to Scotland in July I lost approx 1.5stone.

    It is just in the evenings, I take 5pm as a rough cut off time. It definately makes a difference for me. I'm pretty lazy when I get home from work so I don't use up any energy at night - carbs are your instant energy supply for exercise so if you dont exercise at night they just sit in your belly while you sleep - encouraging you're body to store the calories as fat.

    I would never to the Atkins diet though - your body needs carbs, there are no 2 ways about it and its not the carbs that affect your weight - its the amount of them! The fact that Dr Atkins himself is in an early grave says it all really!

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  • Hiya, I have followed teh atkins for 2 weeks so far. It isn't the best diet but is so restrictive that it helps those with no will power (like me) I do have some salad with my lunch (with feta cheese) and some green or white veg with my tea. The website tells you what veg to eat. I also found nuts could be a good snack. I lost 7lbs in teh 10 days and am hoping for more before I go dress shopping on 19th Dec!! Good luck with your weight loss x
  • Started Atkins just after my baby boy was born in november and have lost 21lbs so far. Its not easy but my figure is getting back to normal.

    PS. On April 8, 2003, at age 72, Dr. Atkins slipped on the ice while walking to work, hitting his head and causing bleeding around his brain causing his death, not diet related.
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    I don't think Atkins is healthy or sustainable.

    However, I am thinking that when I finish up in work (I am a supply teacher and my contract runs out next month) I may try and eat my main meal at lunch time and have chicken or tuna salad in evenings etc.

    it's hard though if you are cooking for two. I don't like making two different meals for myself and h2b

  • Hi I've cut out all rice, pasta, potato and bread since January and have lost stone.

    It really works for me, its not the Atkins diet, but the GI diet that I am following. I still eat sweet potato and oats. You have to make sure you drink plenty of liquid and skimmed milk, no fruit juices, and fill up on fruit and veg! Cook everything from scratch!

    I've been working out and weight training 3 times a week so although I have only lost a stone in 7weeks I have lost loads of inches!

    Try oat in the morning, tuna salads for dinner with cottage cheese and fish or chicken with veg on the evening before 6pm

    I cannot stress enough that for you to lose more weight you have to each 3 snack between your meals! If I miss my snacks I know the weigh loss will slow down!

  • No wonder Atkins slipped and died he weighed 250lbs! not diet related?
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