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Bridal Shop Women told me i wasn't allowed to lose weight!

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone else had this experience?

I am currently fuming at the rude treatment i received from a bridal shop. I am not getting married until April, giving me 5 months to lose those unwanted pounds and tone up. Or so i thought!

I had a wedding dress fitting last weekend and told the women that i was planning to lose some weight over the next 5 months. The women got very cross telling me that if i lost weight the dress would not fit me and why would i bother having a dress made to fit if i was going to lose weight?!! I was shocked as i cannot be the only bride to try and lose weight 5 months before the wedding.

The ladies were standing hands on hips and rolling their eyes at me. Never was there a reassuring, " Don't worry you will look lovely anyway", or " Don't worry, we can take it in nearer the time".

:I left the shop feeling thoroughly miserable and wandering if i had made a big mistake ordering and paying for what i thought was the dress of my dreams as it was being made by some real old B***H!

I could understand if i did n't really NEED to lose weight and they were flatttering me but unfortunately i have a lot of junk in my trunk! With a straight ivory silk dress i fell i need to reduce the touche a little.

Has anyone else had a bad experiendce with bridal boutique ladies or am i alone?

V :\?


  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    I think their problem is that a dress can only be altered up to two dress sizes down so anymore and you will need a new dress.

    If you're thinking of losing weight then perhaps you needed to have a smaller size dress to start off with or just have to say i'm going to lose no more than two dress sizes and then have the fittings later.

    At the end of the day you are paying good money for the dress then you are entitled to good customer service and a polite manner when being dealt with.

    For myself i'm in the same boat as you and wedding in April and losing weight, i've ordered a smaller dress and given myself a cut off for weight loss in January and if the dress fits then that's the size i'll be walking down the aisle!

    I can see their point but I think that they could have been more understanding of the situation. It's difficult for you as it takes 6 months to get a dress in time so you have to make a decision well in advance but they have a bride expecting a perfectly fitted dress.

  • Thanks for the reply. i think if they had just explained it as simply as that i woul dhave been much happier. They did not tell me that i could lose no more than 2 dress sizes. I'm only a size 14 so it's not as if i will suddenly become a 6 over 5 months.

    Thanks for your understanding
  • ziggywigsziggywigs Posts: 1,435
    That being the case you'll be a lovely trim 12 when you walk down the aisle.....and look fab.

    Good luck with the weight loss i'm about 2/3 way there!

  • Hi Britvic!

    I'm getting married in May and I already have my dress, I bought a shop sample. When I bought it the dress fitted but now I've lost weight it needs to be taken in. I got a recommendation for a seemstress from a bride on this forum and when I spoke to the lady I told her I was worried about how much the dress could be taken in as I have lost weight but still want to lose more. She said not to worry, the dress can ALWAYS be taken in and I'd have a last minute fitting the week before the wedding - even if there's an inch of a difference at that late stage she'll make the alterations to make sure its perfect for the big day! From the 1st time I spoke to her she has put me at ease - thats what I call good customer service!

    I'd be tempted to speak to your bridal shop and tell them you're not impressed - your paying a lot of money for your perfect dress, its there job to make it fit regardless of your size. Sounds like they just want an easy life and less work to do!

    Good luck xx image xx
  • I bought my dress in April for next October and our dress shop said it doesn't matter how much eight you lose. They had one bride go from a siz 28 to a 10 and they took the dress in...don't worry about it!!
  • Quoted:
    I bought my dress in April for next October and our dress shop said it doesn't matter how much eight you lose. They had one bride go from a siz 28 to a 10 and they took the dress in...don't worry about it!!

    god,what diet was she on????!

    i have ordered my dress & was told it could be altered by 2 sizes & because it has a corset back can cinch in more. anymore than that,it alters shape of dress too drastically.

    i would email the shop & say you now understand what the problem could be but could have been explained simply & certainly more professionally by the team at this store & that you made you doubt their service.

    good luck x
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