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Why do dress sizes come up small!? Or is it just me!

Hi lovelies!

So I got engaged on valentines day 2009, age 22, 5'9" and at my biggest image 15.7 stone wearing uk 18. From the very next day I turned my habits around in terms of healthy eating and exercise and it has become a lifestyle change that I'm very happy with.

I am now 13 stone and wearing a uk 14 and feeling much better about myself and I know my H2B loves it!

BUT! today I went back to the shop I have chosen my dress from, which until now I have not ordered because I so desperately wanted to order in a 12, only to be measured and told I should order it in a 18!!!!! I was speechless. I went in knowing I'd not yet reached a 12 and resigned to the fact I'd order a 14 and hopefully be taking it in come June 2010, but by no stretch of the imagination did I think I'd be back to square one ordering an 18!!! image

Well I actually said there was no chance I'd order an 18 and ordered a 16 and signed a disclaimer in case I do not fit into it come the wedding! ha ha. Plus I will be chopping that size label right out as soon as it arrives as I don't need my dress telling me i'm fat!

So is it just me or have any other brides got a bit of a complex about their dress size and found their wedding dress to come up seemingly a lot smaller than high street sizes? Especially after loosing weight?! I would love to hear how you found sizes varied in dresses.

Big love xoxoxox image
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