Week 43

Welcome to the new ladies that have joined x I have taken quite alot of the ladies off that have not been in a while. So if you pop in and your name is not there just let me know and I will pop you back up x This week if you do not weigh in during the week I will be taking your name off the list as the list is getting longer and some of the ladies do not come on here anymore. I hope people understand and if you pop in again as said above I will pop you straight up again x

So am thinking that this thread needs to be kind of like a blog where people come and write what exercise and maybe what food they are having etc to help inspire the others what do you think? Thanks to those of you that have been using this as a blog this week I think that it really works. What do you think? (I know I have been rubbish but hoping to get back on the wagon this week x )

Have had a bad weekend guys but this week am going to try the egg diet although I can only do it till Thursday as I am going away to the Isle of Wight on Friday to see my sister.

Come in and joins us ladies x I would like to say to anyone coming in and having a peek feel free to join us just add a post and I will add you. We are a group of ladies that get behind each other and give each other that extra support. We weigh in every Monday x So come and join us x I

LETS PUT IN THE WORK LADIES!!!! You only get to wear your dress once you can eat all the chocolate afterwards lol x


Wedding Date......MARRIED 12st 7lbs/





Wedding Date..... March 26th 2010 10st 4lbs / +1lb


Wedding Date........June 2010 10st 0lbs / -1lb:\)


Wedding Date...... 5th June 2010 12st 8lbs / +0.5lbs


Wedding Date...... 10th June 2010 8st 11lbs /


Wedding Date.......13th July 2010 10st 9lbs


Wedding date....31st July 2010 10st 4.5st /


Wedding Date.....16th Oct 2010 9st 5.2lbs / -1.5lbs:\)


Wedding Date......30th July 2011 13st 10lbs / -3.5lbs:\)


Wedding Date........September 2012 10st 9lbs /


Wedding Date.......2012 +0.25lb

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  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Thanks guys for your support x

    It must be hard winewoman x All you can do is be there when she needs you and try and encourage her to go back to the GP x You are being a good friend x When I told my old best friend I had depression she did not want to be friends with me anymore!!! So good on you it means so much to have friends around to support you when you are low x I am sure she will get through it with friends like you around her x

    Well done for getting to the gym too x

    Well done babycakes for getting that swim in that is brill. I am thinking of going swimming not sure it will get my heart rate up enough to help me though?

    Hope you hear from your friend soon winewoman x

    Well another really tough weekend for me. Basically h2b does not believe in marriage but loves me and wants to bewith me forever have children etc. I obviously do believe in marriage and think it is important. So left in a little bit of a dilemma. Which is why it was cancelled the other day. We are now at the point of he understands how important it is to me and will marry me but now I feel a bit deflated as I will know when we get married it is not really important to him. He says that lots of men feel this way from the ones he has spoken too. I don't know how to feel about it anymore. He has been so up and down lately and sleeping and feeling tired all the time. I think that he may have depression. We had a really bad episode on Saturday and he has promised me he will go to the doctors this week so that is a step forward I guess.

    Anyway guys I am off to make tea see you in the morning x x x

    and winewoman thankyou for saying nice things about me doing the thread x x x It has been going now for nearly three years I would be sad to close it down x
  • Hi!

    I am still here, have not been to WW for past couple of weeks as was away with work. Any chance you can pop me back on the wedding day is 5th June 2010 and my last weight was 12st 7.5lb. I'm dreading going tbh as I think I have gained 2lbs.

    Hope everything is going ok with you RachelLiza...sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time. Hugs and kisses your way!

    I went to try my dress on on Saturday (which I ordered a dress size smaller than I am now) and it fits better than it did obviously something is going right! Feeling quite motivated for this week so hopefully should get a good result next week....have been doing an hour nearly every day on my cross trainer - so hoping to reap the benefits soon...!
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Hi sorry have popped you back hun x x x You will be fine MrsJewell2b if you have you can get it off again easily enough x Keep plodding along and we will all get there in the end x That is fab about your dress x Well done you x Well done with the ecercise that is amazing x I had a cross trainer and I did not get on with it very well x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    So grilled tomato and toast down I actually thought it was really yummy x Fresh fruit all ready for llunch I am on a roll. i even got up early and had a bath this morning not sure what is going on and I am going to be in work early!?!?!?!?! What is that all about????? Plus I did the washing up!!! whoop whoop go me x x x
  • RachelLiza can i have some of whatever you're on this morning please hun! Up, bathed and in work early. Thats just not natural! Lol! If ur at a loose end, my housework needs doing seeing as your so full of enthusiasm this morning :0)

    Re the swimming sometimes it gets my heart rate up, other times it doesnt. Depends whether i'm swiming with H2b or not to be honest. When i swim with him i swim slower. When he gets out and i do my extra lengths on my own, i then push myself to try and do them faster and continiously. Normally 20 lengths with no breather inbetween gets my heart going. But thats prob just cos i'm really unfit!

    I have a gravtiy walker ta home, not sure if thats the same thing as the cross trainer. I've done between 40 mine and an hour on it about 5 times a week for a few months before and not seen any weight loss or change in my figure so dont really use it much now to be honest. Its propped up in front of my booze cabinet.

    MrsJewell2b thats great that you can get into your dress which you ordered smaller than you are. That shows your hard work IS paying off so be proud of yourself, and keep going. its obviously worth it. Well done.

    RachelLiza - my man is somewhat similar to yours in that he only asked me to marry him cos he knows i want to get married. Not cos its something he wants or believes in. He's doing it soley for me. At one point he wasnt planning on having a ring, until he saw how much that idea upset me. It does sound as if he could be depressed from what you've said, but going to see the doctors is a step in the right direction. Hopefully they will be able to help him, if he lets them. Chin up hun. We're here if you wanna chat any time. You've done so much by keeping this thread going for so long, let us help you every now and then sweetie xx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    babycakes thank you for what you said it has helped alot x Maybe men are nearly all like that x

    Really thinking I might try the swimming.

    No weigh ins today ladies where are you all????

    I have maintained again x Really have to focus on this diet and keep it up. I have had my fruit for lunch and had my egg salad for tea so we will see how I go. Got pilates this evening. Feeling tired after waking up on a high this morning x Can't wait for bed x

    Right off to finish my man's tea x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Well I weighed in! 59.5kgs or 9st 5.2lbs.... that's 1.5lbs off this week!

    Well done maintaining RachelLiza despite tough times, that's not easy at all. I'm definitely finding that planning meals and trying to stick to them whenever I can really helps. Stress is a big trigger for comfort eating for me, but I just keep reminding myself that the stress will pass but I only have today to eat well.... works some of the time.

    Anyone else weighed in today?

  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    Hi ladies sorry I've been so slack lately in posting - things are so busy I don't know where to begin!

    Pleased to report I was another pound down and am officially 10 stone today. Hoping to reach my 9 stone 9lb target by Xmas..... must be very good in the run up.

    Did some pilates at the weekend, really enjoying it. Also started dance classes again but sadly not had the chance to go running for over a week. Food wise I'm about to make a chicken curry and I had a salad for lunch and a large fruit salad for breakfast.

    RL - sorry to hear about the ups and downs. Has he said exactly why he doesn't believe in marriage?
  • Well my evening didnt go to plan at all! The good intentions were there but life just conspired against me! I had planned on going home, doing my weigh in, 30 mins step on the wii fit and then going swimming. But you know what they say about the best laid plans and all! Instead i covered the evening feed at the cat sanctuary i volenteer at as my colleague was ill. So i didnt get home till gone 7. Cooked some tea and then it was 8. And i couldnt be bothered to do anything. So lots of exercise to make up for it tomorrow night instead. Will try and do my weigh in tomorrow morning before work.

    Munchkin & WineWoman - thats great. Well done on the steady weight loss. I've always thought if it comes off at a steady rate, its more likely to stay off. I'd like to be under 10 stone by christmas. Not sure if thats realistic or not but its something to aim for.

    RachelLiza - at least you maintained and didnt increase. So try and look on the bright side hun. And you had a lot to contend with last week so i think you should be proud you didnt increase. You didnt give up and reach for the chocs with all that going on, and thats something to be proud of.

    You guys are all eating so much healthier than me. My H2b doesnt eat veg or fruit so that makes it hard to use them. I cant be doing with cooking or preparing 2 seperate meals.

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    How is everyone feeling about the run-up to Christmas? I know I really have to watch the booze, not just because of the calories but because it always makes me eat more the next day.... but I am so very partial to a tipple or ten! Sweet stuff is not a problem, I can take or leave that. But put me in front of a glass of wine and salty snacks and I'm lost.

    I'm thinking that if I can keep being pretty good until the week of Christmas (maintaining would be good), then try to just not go too overboard, and get straight back to exercise day after Boxing Day, I might be able to limit the damage.

    I always read those 'top tips for surviving Xmas' articles and think, yes but there is no way I'm going to alternate alcohol and soft drinks, it's just not in my DNA... so I think I may need to teetotal it on a few social occasions, driving of course always a good excuse and reason to stick to that! Buffets are always a challenge, so many good things and I just want to try them all. I think extra listening to the Paul McKenna cd will be required to maintain some discipline in the face of that.....
  • mpikey30mpikey30 Posts: 1,149
    I know what you mean - booze is my big downfall. I'd have probably hit target by now if it wasn't for vodka. Like you it's not so much the calories but the food I crave when tidly and especially the morning after munchies. I always spend the rest of the week making up for it. I convince myself I'm going go have a teetotal weekend but Friday rolls around and I'm pouring myself a 'treat' drink when I get home. God I sound like some kind of lush!! Basically I feel your pain. Oh and I'm a buffet queen and can never say no to jelly sweetiies image

    So what 'days off' are we all having over the holidays period?

  • Totally disappointed! Got on the scales at WW and gained half a pound!!! How can that be...!!! I've been good all week gone absolutely mental on the cross trainer and can see a difference in my clothes...but why aren't the scales saying that I'm thinner! Not happy at all....but will keep going! You ladies are putting me to shame! Next week I better have a good weight loss....grrrrr!!!!image
  • Hey MrsJewell_2B i gained 1lb as well so kinda know how your feeling. I had almost 48 hours where i didnt eat last week cos i was ill, but i still managed to put on weight. Dont get that at all. But its just made me more determined to do better next week. Like you say, the other ladies are putting us to shame! I plan to exercise more this week. Wether it will happen or not, well that remains to be seen. Not had a good start so far as done nothing! Lol!

    Munchkin I'm a buffet queen too. Nibbly finger food, mmmmm, i can just sit and pick at it for hours. If its there, I eat it. Booze I can take or leave, i'll have a few over Chistmas but not an excessive amount. You wait, now i've said that i'll be drunk every day!

    I'm having 2 weeks off my proper job, although i'm thinking of cancelling 3 of those days as we have a scheme at work where we can sell our holiday and the money would be quite useful at the moment with the wedding approaching and our credit cards not getting any smaller! But i volenteer at a cat rescue sanctuary and i'm doing lots of shifts over Chirstmas. In fact i'm only off xmas day and the 29th. So i'm hoping the being busy will keep me occupied so i dont eat, and mean that i keep up with the exercise.

    Well doen to everyone who lost weight this week. Hope your all proud of yourseleves, i'm proud of you. Just gutted i couldnt manage it myself image
  • Hi Babycakes!

    Yeah I must admit I woke up this morning determined to shift some weight this week. My leader said that I should get a good weight loss next week if I have been good. I hope so! I worked really hard on the exercise front and was good with what I ate. I'm getting really stressed now as I only have about 6 months left and still want to shift about 3 stone! No good odds that! image
  • Hi RL

    I'm sorry to hear things aren't going too well, but I always think if you can stop yourself succumbing to comfort eating during the bad times then you stand a much greater chance of succeeding long term.

    My problem on the other hand, is succumbing to 'treats'. A night out is a treat and I seem incapable of controlling what I eat. So I was away last weekend and will be away next weekend too. Fortunately that is me until Christmas, so I should manage to get back on track for a couple of weeks, although I don't expect to manage any serious weight loss until January now. I may surprise myself of course.

    The good news this week was that I didn't put anything more on - didn't lose anything either, but maintaining is good, at the moment.

    Good for you, Winewoman, losing that much especially at this time of year.
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    MrsJewell2b... I bet you have gained some muscle, hence the 1/2 lb gain but looser clothes. Don't stress, it will be good in the long run as you'll burn more calories even when resting AND you'll be more toned and healthy!
  • Winewoman, that's what my leader reckons aswell. It's just a bit disheartening though when you don't see results on the scales. She suggested measuring myself so that I can see results. I think that is probably worth it as it can get a bit depressing when you work hard and don't see a visual change.

    I'm determined to keep going though as if I cna get two pounds off next week I will have lost 5% of my body weight - not much I know but at least it is one target that I've got to. Ideally would like to get a stone off before Christmas which is another 6.5 lbs - so that might be a bit optimistic!

    Fingers crossed anyway - got h2b to oil the cross trainer as it'll be getting hell this week! image
  • Ok, need some motivation please. Just found out someone else isnt coming to my wedding now. And the other couple who had confirmed might also be changing their mind as the only want to stay 2 nights and at a different hotel, but the hotel where the wedding is being held state guests have to stay there (Its in Austria). I knew havign it abroad was risking some people not coming, but i hadnt really it would mean no one except our parents would actually bother at all. Just feel really pants now. Wanna go home, have a big cry and eat lots of crap food whilst demolishing some wine :0(
  • Oh no Babycakes, that must be difficult. I know that my h2b is gutted that most of his family will not be here (he is from South Africa) so I know that it is difficult planning a wedding when there won't be many family there. Just try and think though that it is all about the two of you at the end of the long as you are both there that's what makes it special x

    I am also a comfort eater and find it difficult to stay motivated, but just keep thinking of yourself in that dress!

    Keep focused and smiling xxx
  • Thanks MrsJewell_2b. I didnt give into temptation yesterday. I went home. Did an hours Wii fit workout and then had a soak in the bath.

    I'm still really upset but am trying not to let it overwhelm me and then take over everything. It kinda made me feel like my day isnt special or important and whats the point.

    Oooohhh its just like being on a rollercoaster. The highs of finding the right dress and shoes, the lows of your important people not coming......whats next?!! If i could wake up with Cameron Diaz's figure and bank balance that would be a plus!!!

    No exercise tonight as i've just got in from my driving lesson and its too late to exercise. Well for me it is. I need to do it straight from work or i'm just not in the right frame of mind.

  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    babycakes waking up with cameron Diaz's figure and bank balance would definitly be brill!!!!

    I am half Austrian x Whereabouts are you getting married?

    Will pop your weights down in a sec everyone. You have been so busy one here I have missed loads x

    Munchkin he just says that it is just a piece of paper and thats about it really.

    Will write more later x
  • Oooh RachelLiza you can prob answer some silly questions i have. My wedding coordinator is not as helpful and forthcoming with answers as i'd like!! We're getting married at the town hall in Kaprun. And we're staying at the Kirstal Sports hotel. We fly into Salzburg as its the closest airport. I just thought it would be somethign completely different as everyone expected us to get married somewhere hot. Would it be ok if i emailed you a few questions i have?! I dont want to take over this thread and detract from the whole point of it.

    We're going to choose our wedding rings on sunday. I just hope there's somethign i like!! If not i will prob just sit there and cry, esp after the week i've had!

    Off to Oxford for our team christmas lunch today so no eating sensibly there. Can you believe we've got a 2 (poss 2 1/2 hr) drive to go and have lunch. its crazy! I plan on doing another hours wii fit when i finally get home later though. And then swimming friday after my evening feed at the cat sanctuary, and poss sat & sunday too depending on H2b xx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    We looked at doing that. Is your wedding person Samantha Bell? Of course you can I can see what I can do x

    You should try they were fab. They practically designed the ring I wanted it was great and threw in engraving for free!!! They turned out so beautiful x Get on that swimming girly x x x x Hope you had a nice lunch seems a long way to go???
  • didnt get home till 7, by the time i'd done the boring housey chores i really couldnt be bothered to exercise. This week just isnt happening for some reason. Not good. Hopefully will get some swimming in over the next 3 days.

    We've got an appointment with Lilleys who are a local jewellery place. They design and make the rings.

    We booked the wedding through weddings abroad and my wedding coordinator for the UK is a lady called Samantha. Got no idea what her surname is. Do you know her? Worried i offended you with what i said about her in my previous post. Hope not!

    Most of the team i work with are based in Oxford, hence having the lunch there. I could have said no but everyone else said yes so i would have looked like i wasnt a team player. Its just a right royal pain. Basically lost a whole working day to have a 2 hour lunch!

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Hey ladies

    Fallen off the wagon a bit the last few days; we had a couple of friends for dinner on tues night and H2B designed the menu without a thought of dieting in mind, plus then I drank more than planned.. yesterday had burger & chips for dinner image

    But tried to get back on track today, stuck to calorie count and went to the gym. Back to body pump and OMG my muscles are sore now!

    Unfortunately it's work Xmas do tomorrow but it's a meal first, followed by two salsa classes, so at least there'll be a bit of exercise and I'm going to *try* really hard not to drink more than I plan.... Fairly confident I'll not be cheering for joy when I weigh in next week, lets just put it that way....

    It's so lovely hearing all your wedding plans! A wedding in Austria sounds lovely, it's making me look forward to going skiing in February now hmmmm. It must add an extra layer of excitement to be getting married 'away'!

    Bit worried about my friend now. Since Saturday she's not been answering the phone to me- a few times she's even hung it up- not sure why but I know she's much the same as I checked in with her hubby. Guess I just have to keep trying so she doesn't think I've given up on her, or feel too embarrassed to get in touch.
  • Hi

    Iv not been on for a couple of weeks!

    For the last 2 weeks my weight has stayed about the same so I spoke to my WW leader who suggested i drop my points allowance by 2 points.

    I lost 3 and a half lb this week!!! image
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    babycakes not to worry I was just going to get married in Austria at exactly the same place and was corresponding with her. Then we booked our wedding at Schloss Prielau in the end. Obviously we then cancelled and we are now getting married here and then going over to Vienna straight after to celebrate with my Austrian family then.

    Never mind about the exercise it is that time of year when we are all so busy going here and there x I am having the same problem. I am off to Isle of Wight tonight to see my Sister and nieces and Nephews so that is the weekend gone already! Also had a swine flu jab on Wednesday and my arm is killing so I will be waiting till that stops before I do any x image That is great that you are designing your wedding rings. I basically designed mine as I saw one and wanted it to be narrower and in a different metal. They changed the design for me and I am so pleased with it x

    Whoops Winewoman x I think all we can all do now is try our best around this time x Try and fit exercise in if we can and hang on in there until after Christmas then have a BIG PUSH!!!! Loving the salsa classes x Where are you going skiing Winewoman? I would either send her a text letting her know you are there for a chat or an email or letter. That way she will come to you when she is ready. She is probablt just having a hard time at the mo. Theses dark days don't help x

    Well done for the loss kellyannhammond x x x That is fab x x x
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    I have popped you back up kellyannhammond x x x x
  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Good luck everyone for weigh-in tomorrow....

    I'm not anticipating good news- just ordered Dominos pizza for a girls night in with my little sister image
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    have not had time to check this or start a new one will do later x Had a manic weekend x Hope you are all good. I am starting my diet again this week and doing the full week here I go x
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